Fruit cakes


If some wacko preacher in Kincardine announced that he and his followers were going to burn the Koran this Saturday night, people would likely just laugh at him. You can be sure the CBC, CTV and Global TV networks would not send camera crews to Kincardine to interview the preacher.


Do the same thing in the U.S.A. and it’s a completely different story.


Pastor Terry Jones makes a similar announcement in Florida and he’s suddenly on every television network and in every daily newspaper in the U.S.A. and the rest of the world.


The story gets so much attention that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are forced to comment. Even our prime minister chipped in a comment.


It wasn’t a good week for the U.S. media – or ours for that matter. Why give a fruit cake a national soapbox?


Those television stories made U.S. citizens look as bright and bigoted as the uneducated Muslims who reacted to the story by taking to the streets in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries saying things like “death to America”.


The story of the proposed Koran burning (since cancelled), must make citizens in the U.S. with legitimate concerns wonder what they have to do to get the attention of the U.S. president, or citizens in Ontario, our premier or prime minister.


There are more important stories than Pastor Terry Jones and his flock of 50.




The Monarch butterfly, I often read, doesn’t have much of a future because of tree cutting in Mexico where it winters.


Perhaps, but Ontario must have been good to the Monarchs this year. Many people in this area have seen large numbers of them as they head south.


Last week, Dana and I spent a couple of days down Lake Erie way. Thursday afternoon we were at Hawk Point, just north of Port Stanley, and watched as a never-ending parade of Monarchs flitted along the bluff as they headed towards Point Pelee.


It was quite a sight and makes you wonder how the butterflies (descendants of the ones who left Mexico), are able to find their way back to their wintering grounds.




On the political front, it’s good see there will be an election. Five will be elected by acclamation – Huron-Kinloss mayor and deputy mayor, Mitch Twolan and Wilf Gamble, Kincardine Ward 3 councillor Randy Roppel and two school board reps.


I believe it takes more intestinal fortitude to be a municipal politician than a provincial or federal one. That’s because your municipal politicians have a lot more to do with your day to day lives than your MP or MPP and you can easily get hold of your local politicians


The candidates have taken a big step. Listen to them, look at their track records and then vote for those who you believe can best run your municipality.


Municipal governments are multi-million dollar operations – we need capable people running them.




Readers report thousands of white, plastic pellets being washed ashore this past week north and south of Kincardine and want to know what they are.


I remember the same thing happening three or four years ago, and I couldn’t find out where they came from then.


Since they float, I wonder if they are from some kind of flotation devices that were broken apart in one of the recent storms.


Does anyone know?




Finally, we receive some good photos from readers out and about with their cameras. Too often the photo they send by e-mail is too small for us to reproduce in the newspaper. Without getting too technical, if you send a photo with a resolution of 72, make it at least 10 inches wide.


Have a good week.

Re Pastor Terry JOnes

I agree about it having way too much coverage but the other option might have been worse if it had gone viral on U-Tube!! Just a thought!
We all know there are idiots born everyday!