Total disrespect


On the morning of Sunday, Sept. 5, my father found that the flagpole in his front yard was damaged beyond repair with a large portion of it missing altogether. Worse still, his Canadian Air Force flag, which has been proudly flying in his front yard for many years, had been stolen.


My Father, Pilot Officer Kenneth H. Linklater, at 87 years of age, is one of our few surviving WWll Veterans.  Being a WWll Veteran is a designation of great pride to my father, who as a Mid-upper and Tail­gunner in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force ) saw more than his share of active duty from the interior 

of a Lancaster Bomber.


To damage and steal anyone’s personal property is upsetting, but to do this to a WWll Veteran is incomprehensible to my family. This is an act of not only vandalism and thievery, but also of total disrespect and disregard to a Canadian Veteran and our Canadian Air Force.


Nancy Linklater

On behalf of the Linklater family