Province considering off-shore wind farms for Kincardine area


By Barb McKay


The province is looking into the possibility of placing wind turbines off-shore in Lake Huron.


A government document – Renewable Energy Approval Requirements for Off-Shore Wind Facilities – An Overview of the Proposed Approach – is available for public review and comment until Aug. 24. The proposed wind projects run: from Kincardine to Point Clark; south of Point Clark towards Goderich; north of Douglas Point towards Port Elgin; and out in a north west direction from Point Clark. The wind turbines would be placed approximately five kilometres from shore.



An MOE document detailing proposed locations of wind turbines in Lake Huron. The document has since been removed from the MOE website.


Local residents have expressed concern that there has been very little information made public about any plans for an off-shore wind project, and that the document is only available on Environmental Registry website.


“Once again, the government is trying to slip this legislation in without proper public input and proper notice to everyone,” Cheryl Murray, co-ordinator of HALT – a local anti-wind turbine group, said in an email to the Independent.


Opponents of the idea of placing wind turbines off-shore say the government is already looking for bids from wind energy companies for the proposed project.


Charles Edey, president of Leader Resources Services Corp., said his company has no intention of submitting a bid.


“We live in Ontario and we have lots of land,” he said. “We don’t need to go into the water.

“Let others go through the trials and tests and we’ll see what the results are. I don’t believe that we need to be pioneers and take the risk.”


As a point of interest, when representatives from the Ontario Power Authority, which handles wind energy contracts, and the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure were contacted about the proposed wind project, they knew nothing about it.