Wilson through PGA pre-qualifiers

Kincardine native looks to Q-School

Kincardine’s Lee Wilson wants to go to Q-School.

Q-School is the final stage of qualifying for the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour and the Nationwide Tour. Almost every PGA golfer has been through the qualifying events known as Q-School.

Wilson isn’t headed there yet, but he has made it through the pre-qualifiers.

“There are so many people that want to give  it a shot,” said Wilson Sunday night from Atlanta, where he has lived for the past three years. “It’s very grueling, and very costly. I advance to the first qualifying stage now, and that will be in about a month.”

There are three stages for qualifying for Q-School, from which the top-30 golfers are given their PGA Tour cards. Each event weeds out more and more golfers until only the best remain.

Wilson, a former member of Kincardine Golf and Country Club, had a best round of 69 at the pre-qualifiers held in Bogart, Georgia.

“It actually worked out pretty well for me,” he said, as he lives about 40 minutes  from Benny Mills Golf and Country Club, where the tournament was held. “I was able to go home and sleep in my own bed each night, it made things a little easier.”

About  half of the golfers at the tourney will move on to the next stage. The whole process will take about three months to complete.

“It can be pretty tough. Every golfer out there is, in a way, shooting for their life. One putt or one stroke can be the difference from making a living on golf or having to go the other way,” said the 28-year-old Wilson. “ It is expensive and demanding. This has always been my dream though, so I’m going to chase it. I figured I should take at least one last shot at (qualifying).”

If Wilson can make it to Q-School, he could forge a career even if he isn’t among the top-30. Those that make it that far are eligible to play on the Nationwide Tour, one step below the PGA.

The first stage should begin the week of Oct. 21, though Wilson does not yet know where he will be playing. The final stages will be in December.