Should wind farms be erected on Lake Huron?

11% (29 votes)
89% (225 votes)
Total votes: 254


I totally agree with grp. Great Comment mate!

Hundreds of Blinking Red Lights & Fog Horns

Off-shore wind turbine proposals have been nothing short of clandestine. A project of this magnitude should not have broke by an investigative journalist at the 11th hour. Why is McGuinty being so secretive? Perhaps because the project proposes turbines be erected 5K from shore meaning that hundreds of blinking red lights and fog horns will be seen and heard by residents. The turbines could be placed further our so that lights and fog horns do not disturb residents but that would cost contractors more. Who will Carol Mitchell go to bat for - her constituents or foreign contractors?

wind turbines

Lets not call them FARMS -- it is industry. While our needs for energy seem overwhelming at times, the last thought of our governments seems to be the most logical -- conservation. As long as we cannot make money from conservation, then who will consider it?

Let us also consider who is responsible and make sure they are put out of office when we next get a chance to vote.

Ancient Skylines

The first human traveling the shores of Lake Huron could sit on the beach, look west and see water, sky and the setting sun. We will be the generation who puts industry in the lake, changing that ancient skyline from Point Clark to Port Elgin. In 2010 the skyline is offered for wind turbines. Everyone who lives here should ask about what is happening in order to make informed decisions about what we leave behind us, they will be there for a long time.