Lyddon wins Kincardine Triathlon

Perfect conditions for 10th anniversary

By Josh Howald

A third straight Triathlon win was not in the cards for Port Elgin’s Jessica Larson.

Though Larson jumped to a large lead in the swimming portion of the event, and did hold on to finish the race first, the 16-year-old eventually had her time beaten by Mount Forest’s Ann Lyddon. Lyddon competed in the 40-44 age category, so with the staggered starts, began after Larson.

Jessica Larsen comes around the bend into the Harbour in front of the pack Saturday morning at the 10th annual Kincardine Women’s Triathlon. (Josh Howald photo)

Lyddon’s bike time was the difference, as she finished the cycling portion of the race in 24:22. That was more than one minute quicker than Larson, and it was the difference. Lyddon won the 10th annual Kincardine Women’s Triathlon with a combined time of 46:47. Larson finished second with a time of 47:15.

“I’m not a runner,” laughed Larson, the only racer to finish the swim in less than two minutes. “It was kind of a stressful race for me and I was just trying to hang on there at the end.”

The duathlon was won by Waterloo’s Jennifer Roy, with Kincardine’s Jennifer Armstrong finishing second. Roy finished the duathlon in 52:46, while Armstrong completed the race in 13:38. The relay was won by Anne Holbrook, Angela Ford and Lindsey Sozta. The Kincardine team of Nicole Crouchman, Jenna Watson and Amy Cresswell was fourth in the relay.

All in all, the 10th anniversary turned out to be a memorable one.

“The weather was just perfect for us,” said race director Laura Trepanier Monday morning. “We had a calm and warm lake, no wind for the bikes and no humidity for the run. It was all we could have hoped for.”

The Station Beach area was packed Saturday morning for the race, with hundreds of spectators on hand to cheer family, friends and even strangers.

Drae, Koen and Tyler Parcey were happy to cheer on mother/wife Melanie Fisher at Saturday morning’s Women’s Triathlon. (Josh Howald photo)

“We had lots of comments from the ladies on the amount of enthusiasm around town,” said Trepanier. “It was probably the best (race) we’ve had so far as far as community involvement, and the racers really do appreciate it.”

There were no major injuries on the day, no accidents and no health scares, said Trepanier.

“We did have one flat tire,” she said. “But one of the Shriners got out to help fix the bike and she was able to finish the race.”

The 10th annual race featured 350 participants, increased from 300 in the past two races.

Locals finishing in the top 25 of the Triathlon included Kincardine’s Michele Gade, who was sixth with a time of 48:10; Hanover’s Kristi McCracken, who trains with the Kincardine Triathlon Club, was eighth at 48:55; Tiverton’s Alison Hooper was 14th at 50:42; Jen Chreptyk of Kincardine was 20th at 51:39, while Allison Holla and Adele Armstrong of Kincardine were 24th and 25th respectively.

In the duathlon, which had 91 entrants, Armstrong was the top local finisher as previously mentioned. Also in the top-25 were Amy Pletch (13th), Ripley’s Karen Vollmer (21st), Lisa Morrison-Walden (22nd) and Wendi Lindsay (24th).

In addition to the annual donation to the Ontario March of Dimes, the Kincardine Women’s Triathlon is also donating a bench to the new north boardwalk being built by the Kincardine Lions Club.

“We think it’s appropriate to be able to give something else back besides the (March of Dimes) donation," said Trepanier, who wanted to thank the race sponsors, volunteers and the race executive for all the hard work.

“We’re looking forward to doing it again next year,” said Trepanier.