Complain through proper channels


After reading your column this week, I was curious about the YouTube video you mentioned - Idiot Drivers in Kincardine Who Feel they are Above the Law - and went to see it for myself.


First, I must say that the concept of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' is lost on the individual who made this slide show. There is no need to resort to vulgarity and personal insults when the photos speak for themselves.


While all of the photos are alarming and no doubt the actions of the people parking where they shouldn't must irk many other drivers. I could be wrong, but I believe the majority of the locations are not covered by the municipal bylaws and hence cannot be dealt with by the municipality. With the exception of a spot on Harbour Street, another in front of the Country Depot  two on Queen Street, one on Station Beach and various fire routes, which do fall under the municipal mandate, the incidents depicted occur on private property.


Photos include locations in lots at Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons (both locations), Sobeys, Kwik K Variety, Canada Post, the Sutton Park Mall (there used to be lines painted indicating allowed parking at most of the spots photographed here) and the strip mall at Highway 9 and 21. As such, the parking is the responsibility of the owners of those properties. I personally know of only one business in Kincardine that regularly polices its own parking lot and quite often has vehicles towed. If parking on private lots bothers you, you should complain to the managers of the businesses involved.


Falling under OPP authority are the handicapped spots and the two traffic violators the person photographed. Any issues with those type of things should be reported to the police. Perhaps instead of taking photos, this person should have contacted the police with the license plate numbers of the violators instead.


As for municipal bylaws, I believe that they are complaint driven. The YouTube contributor says, "Kincardine needs bylaw enforcement. Not just for drivers, but in other areas as well." He is right - the lawn watering bylaw is grossly abused, as is the noise bylaw, the littering bylaw that people ignore by putting their lawn raking refuse on the roads every spring and fall and cigarette butts on our streets and beaches, the animal refuse bylaw and more. However, enforcement hinges on complaints. If you have seen a violation and it bugs you so much that you have to take the time to make a slide show for YouTube, let the bylaw officer know.


Wouldn't it be nice if this were the perfect town where everyone took the time to think of how their actions affect others? Until such a Utopia exists I suggest complaining through the proper channels. It would likely be more effective.


Kelly Young