McGuinty tours Bruce Power

First visit as Premier

Duncan Hawthorne, president and CEO of Bruce Power, left, chats it up with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty during his tour of Bruce Power Monday Morning. (Kiel Edge photo)

Dalton McGuinty made his first trip to Bruce Power as Ontario's Premier Monday morning, and he left impressed with what he saw.

"Bruce Power has served (the province) well in the past, and it will continue to in the future," McGuinty said to a collection of reporters from a simulator room. "(Visiting the site) gives us a good on the ground understanding and lets the workers here know we appreciate their work."

McGuinty and approximately 20 members of the Liberal Caucus, including Huron‑Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell, toured the Bruce B site, the learning centre, Bruce Power's head office and a Bruce A simulation room.

The visit marked the first time McGuinty had visited the site as OntarioÆs Premier. He toured the facility previously while a member of the opposition. Bruce Power President and CEO Duncan Hawthorne said McGuinty's visit allowed him to showcase the progress his company has made in recent years.

"It was good he (took the time) to come," Hawthorne said. "He was able to get a good feel for our level of (progress). He toured the new offices; which weren't here before. (The tour) was positive."

Earlier this year, the McGuinty government awarded Ontario's next new reactor to the Darlington plant. The government also renewed its commitment to Bruce Power as a major energy supplier for the province.

 McGuinty said there is still a possibility for a new build in the area in the future, but, the government wants to review the cost of refurbishment before moving forward.

"We want to get all the information in terms of cost for refurbishment (compared to) a new build," McGuinty said, before adding that he will continue to rely on production from Bruce Power.

With the rise of awareness for global warming and other environmental issues, McGuinty also said there is more public support for nuclear power in the province than ever before.

Following his tour of the facilities, McGuinty headed to Benmiller for a Caucus meeting. He also attended the opening of the International Plowing Match Tuesday morning.

Hawthorne said McGuinty's visit was well‑received and he is confident the company's progress made a positive impression on the Premier.

"I like to think that everything he saw here impressed him," Hawthorne said.