Open house set for Armow Wind Power Project



The owners of the Armow Wind Power Project want to be ready to go when the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) starts offering contracts.


Paul Austin, a spokesperson for Acciona Energy, told Kincardine council Wednesday that the Feed-in-Tariff rules (FIT) and the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process have motivated the company to be in a position to move ahead with the project should the opportunity arise.


Under REA, an open house must kick off the public engagement process. It is scheduled for the Armow Hall, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on April 20.


The study area for the project is bound by Highway 21 in the west, County Road 1 in the east, the North Line in the south and County Road 20 in the north.


How many wind turbines would be built depends on the OPA, said Austin. The maximum output of any wind farm it gives the okay to is 80 MW. That would mean up to 53 wind turbines, he said.


It could be another two or three years before a contract is offered, said Austin, but the company wants to be ready when the opportunity arises.


The Armow project was originally a joint venture but is now owned 100 per cent by Acciona. The company is a 100-year-old multi-billion dollar global company, said Austin, that has been involved in renewable energy solutions for the past 20 years. With 40,000 employees, it is the second largest provider of energy from renewable sources in the world.


It has a vertically integrated wind business, from the design and manufacture of wind turbines to wind farm design, construction and operation.


Austin told council he will keep it informed of the project’s progress and that if they need information at any time he will be pleased to provide it.