Not fair


Although this issue doesn’t affect me much considering I am 15 and well below the legal drinking age, I found it strange that the Hawg’s Breath put an age limit on guests past 9 p.m. Their attempt to keep incidents from happening in the bar isn’t really fair. 

If only a few young age people have caused trouble, the whole age group of 19-23 should not have to suffer and be banned at night from that bar. I think it is unfair that people over the legal drinking age aren’t allowed in a bar and are limited to the places they can go in town. The bar should ban only people that have caused trouble and not shut down the business from the younger generation.  After all, it is a huge turn off for the people who are below the age limit and the Hawg’s Breath will most likely not see them once they are allowed to be there. 

In conclusion, I think the age limit on the bar should be moved back down to 19, the drinking age, after 9 p.m., and if not, I guess you will maybe see me when I am 23.


Kerri Wattman