Nuclear important to climate change plan, says Bruce Power

By Barb McKay

Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan confirms the province’s continued commitment to nuclear, according to Bruce Power officials.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change released its new action plan last Wednesday. The plan has generated a fair amount of controversy in recent weeks amid rumours that the province would phase out natural gas as a home heating source, beginning in 2030; something Premier Kathleen Wynne has since debunked.

A key component of the plan is a new cap and trade program that will impose penalties on industries that are high emitters. The plan includes ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 15 per cent below the 1990 level by 2020, 37 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050.

No yard waste pickup in Lucknow

The township will not reinstate curbside yard waste pickup in Lucknow.

Council debated the issue during its meeting last Monday after receiving a report from public works director Hugh Nichol. Council had requested a report on the costs associated with bringing back the service to Lucknow and the rest of the township after hearing from frustrated Lucknow residents last month and receiving a petition with 230 signatures calling for the return of yard waste collection. The service was left out of the 2016 municipal budget as a cost-saving measure.

In his report, Nichol provided the cost to provide the service monthly in Lucknow ($1,250), weekly for 30 weeks ($7,622) and weekly throughout the township for 30 weeks ($77,400). He included a cost estimate to operate the Lucknow drop-off depot for yard waste ($1,900 for 30 weeks) and the cost of an annual fall leaf pickup for the entire township ($9,680).

Three men and a bear

There was plenty of excitement in the south end of town last Wednesday when this black bear was spotted on Adelaide Street early in the morning, and then on Kincardine Ave. South-Bruce OPP officers and conservation officers captured the bear in a tree near the dog park off Bruce Ave. just before noon. They were helped by Municipality of Kincardine fire chief Kent Padfield, right, and municipal emergency management co-ordinator Frank Merkt (not shown, to Padfield's left). The bear was tranquilized and relocated to the Bruce Peninsula, where he was released. (Barb McKay photo)

CRA decision puts squeeze on family-run campgrounds

By Barb McKay

Small, private campground owners received a shock when they opened their tax bills this year. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has removed the small business tax deduction for many, indicating that they are too small to qualify.

According to CRA criteria, to receive the tax deduction businesses must employ more than five people. Family-run campgrounds generally operate seasonally, closing in the winter, and are unable to meet that employment threshold. As well as not qualifying for the tax deduction, the campgrounds are required to pay thousands of dollars in back taxes.

Energy Ministry official puts natural gas rumour to bed

Bob Delaney, EPCOR in Kincardine last week

By Barb McKay


A representative from the Ontario Ministry of Energy was in Kincardine last Wednesday to re-assure the municipality that the province is not abandoning natural gas.


Mississauga MPP Bob Delaney, parliamentary assistant to Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, met with Kincardine deputy mayor Jacqueline Faubert, municipal treasurer Roxana Baumann and EPCOR executives at the municipal administration office prior to the municipal council meeting. EPCOR CEO Stuart Lee addressed council and the media to say that Delaney’s visit, as well as a discussion with Finance Minister Charles Sousa, left him feeling confident that natural gas will be a part of Ontario’s energy mix for years to come.


Further repairs to Kincardine water tower project

By Barb McKay


Work to Kincardine’s water tower has expanded.


Public works director Adam Weishar told council during its meeting last Wednesday that crews preparing to take the water tower offline for recoating and upgrades discovered that the high lift pump is in need of immediate repairs. The pump is scheduled to be upgraded in 2017 with a variable frequency drive (VFD) to regulate the speed of the motor. After reviewing costs, staff recommended that a new system with a pump, VFD and motor be installed. International Water Supply will supply the pump for $74,000. As the Kincardine water tower project came in $230,000 under budget, there is money available in the budget to cover the cost.


Jump for joy

Abi Palmer shows off some jump rope skills at Jump Rope For Heart at KTTPS last Thursday. (Barb McKay photo)

Mixed reaction to shoreline retaining wall project

By Barb McKay


Plans to stabilize the shoreline along MacPherson Park could cost $300,000.


Elevated lake levels have eroded the beach north of the north pier, so much so that in March members of the Kincardine Lions Club removed a 150-foot section of the boardwalk to prevent it from being washed away. The club approached the municipality to take action to prevent further erosion.


Shriners march!

The Shriners entertained the town Saturday afternoon with a fian parade down Queen Street in Kincardine. The Shriners were in town for a convention and pulled out all the stops - and toys - for the weekend parade. (Josh Howald photo)

Kincardine economic future includes natural gas, development opportunities

By Barb McKay


Natural gas, serviced development land and a new high school are front of mind for Kincardine’s new economic development task force, which is working towards turning goals into reality.


In the past several years, the role of economic development in the municipality has changed a number of times. Less than a decade ago, it was a committee of council. The municipality also had an economic development officer, Stephen Murray, who has since taken on that role in Meaford. In 2011, the municipality contracted the Penetangore Regional Economic Development Corporation (PREDC) to look after economic development for it, but council voted to terminate the agreement in January 2015.