Bruce Power employee burned

By Barb McKay

A Bruce Power employee was rushed to hospital Monday after suffering burns to his hands and arm when gas from a pipe he was working on suddenly ignited.

Bruce Power spokesperson John Peevers confirmed that the incident occurred when the man was performing routine maintenance as part of the Unit 8 outage in the non-nuclear side of the plant known as the turbine hall. Peevers said gas became ignited, resulting in the employee being burned.

“Bruce Power first responders transported the worker to an off-site hospital and the worker is being treated,” he said Wednesday via email.

Peevers said Bruce Power has notified the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and the Ontario Ministry of Labour and is continuing to investigate the incident in order to obtain all the facts.

Lake levels steady despite warm winter

By Barb McKay

While Kincardine is experiencing record-setting warm temperatures this winter, they do not appear to be having an effect on lake levels.

According to Geoff Peach, co-founder of the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation (LHCCC), El Nino is having an interesting effect on our winter, but it does not appear to be impacting the levels of Lake Huron, yet.

“Levels are on their usual seasonal decline, but a wet December kept levels from dropping by too much. The relatively warm air over a relatively warm lake has resulted in lower evaporation rates,” he said in an email to The Independent.

Peach said when cold Arctic air masses flow over a warm lake, evaporation tends to occur, but we have not experienced any significant cold air masses yet this season.

Paint party

Avery Sawatzky, 3, of Tiverton had a great time painting the ice at the Tiverton Sports Centre during Sunday's Winterfest celebrations. (Barb McKay photo)

Kincardine BBBS seeks mentors

30th annual Bowl for Kids Sake March 5 and 6

By Barb McKay


In the past half dozen years, the number of ‘Littles’ who have joined the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Kincardine and District programs has doubled. Now the organization is facing a shortage of mentors.


As Kincardine BBBS gears up for its biggest annual fundraiser, it is looking for more than donations and sponsors – it needs people. Kayla Piekarz, community co-ordinator for the organization, told The Independent last week that there are now 45 ‘Littles’ in the program. Of them, 11 boys and nine girls are on a waiting list for ‘Bigs’ – adult mentors.


“In the past couple of months, we have gained quite a few ‘Littles,’” she said.

New bridge connecting Kincardine trails expected this spring

By Barb McKay


A new bridge connecting the Kincardine trail system across the South Penetangore River could be installed in April.

Brad Kirkconnell of the Kincardine Trails Association (KTA) said all the funding is now in place for the $11,000 bridge project, thanks to a $6,000 donation from OPG and $5,000 from a participating landowner. The KTA only needed the approval of the Municipality of Kincardine council to proceed, and expected an answer following Monday’s municipal budget meeting.


Feeling blue

Every shade of blue was visible from the north pier Monday morning. The thermometer has been all over the place recently, with heavy rains on Sunday evening taking care of a lot of accumulated snow. (Josh Howald photo)

Duncan Hawthorne announces retirement

After two decades at the helm of what is now the world’s largest nuclear power facility, Bruce Power president and CEO Duncan Hawthorne will retire this year.

Bruce Power CEO Duncan Hawthorne seen here speaking at the Empire Club in Toronto. (Independent file photo/Howald)


According to a report from the nuclear power corporation, Hawthorne announced to Bruce Power employees Monday morning that with a new long-term framework secured for the site and a stable eight-unit operation, he plans to retire from his role as head of the company in 2016.

Municipal parking lot project gets green light

By Barb McKay


It is unlikely that Municipality of Kincardine residents will see a double-digit tax rate increase this year.


Council chipped away at the municipal budget during a special council meeting last Monday to get the residential tax rate increase down to 6.37 per cent. That is a significant decrease from where the budget started off from a month ago with a projected 10 per cent rate increase. Municipal treasurer Roxana Baumann presented a revised budget report last week that proposed a 9.1 per cent increase, after receiving the final MPAC assessment figures and following the completion of municipal wage and benefit negotiations.


Kincardine to establish Community Economic Development Committee

By Barb McKay


Murray Clarke’s first formal undertaking as the new head of economic development for the municipality is to institute a Community Economic Development Committee.


Unit 8 maintenance underway

On Jan. 15, the Bruce Power 822 MW Unit 8 at Bruce B was removed from service for a $116 million planned maintenance and inspection program. After more than 100 consecutive days of production, the unit will be returned to service in the second quarter of 2016.

“By investing in regular maintenance, we are ensuring the units will operate with a high degree of reliability into the future setting the stage for refurbishment which will get underway with Unit 6 in 2020,”  said Pierre Pilon, senior vice-president for Bruce B.

While Unit 8 is shut down, workers will also remove Cobalt-60 which will eventually be used to sterilize disposable medical supplies. (For more information, visit