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Beautiful property

We would like to congratulate the developers of the condos at the corner of Saratoga Road and Mahood-Johnston Drive.  Their landscaping is very pleasing to the eyes. The many trees are placed so they enhance the property beautifully.


As we walk by, almost daily, we have watched the development of the complex which is nearing completion. You are to be commended.


Jim & Shirley Shaw, Kincardine

Natural gas conversion

Again I have to react to the figures about the estimated savings when converting to natural gas.


I live in a 1,000 square foot house, all powered by electric baseboard heaters. I also have ductwork with central air installed. My total electricity bill for 2014 was $2,040 and I anticipate this year to stay below $2,300.  These figures are real and I can prove it.


For this reason, I challenge Mark Rodger to show me my actual savings of $2,500 over one year when switching to natural gas. Also keep in mind that home insurance will go up. I also have the option of adding a heat pump to my system, cutting down on heating costs.


For this reason, no natural gas for me!


Dream come true

One of your readers has written a letter opposing the federal Liberal plan to borrow in order to invest in infrastructure projects across the country over the next several years.


Virtually all Canadian homeowners borrow to keep a roof over their heads. The equivalent for the country as a whole are the roads, bridges, transit, water and sanitary sewage systems that are taken for granted in municipalities all across Canada. These are the hard services that comprise our infrastructure and that are wearing out in Huron-Bruce and in communities all across the land. These are services we can't do without.


Animal control bylaw

Further to correspondence with bylaw officer Heather Falconer on Sept. 29, the Huron Kinloss Animal Control bylaw states: “That a dog can be off leash but has to be under that (sic) control of the owner."


All breeds of dog take exception to other dogs. When that happens, the owner's vigilance is inconsequential and he/she effectively has no control. Time and again, the fact is dogs fight. Bites, mauling, surgery, crippling disfigurement and euthanasia ensue.


Talk about the problem

Your Sept. 9th headline announced: "Fourth doctor leaving Kincardine."

I think two leaving may be a coincidence, but four leaving is a situation.

Yes we have a lighthouse, a beach, a pipe band and a cute mascot but that does not seem to be enough to keep the talent here. Everyone I talk to is convinced that contract disputes are the cause of this exodus. But no one will ask the awkward question - why?

Rather than simply quoting the rhetoric in the media release, how about some good old-fashioned investigative reporting to find out what the problem is? We deserve answers, not just a phone number to call to see if you want to see a doctor in the next six months. It's time we started to talk about the problem.

Russ Coultrup

Limit offensive smell

To Ms. Becky Ogilvie:

Attracting industry

Some people think industry can be attracted to Kincardine. If they were, they would go bankrupt. Kincardine is a resort area, and could be developed in the winter, although the blizzard conditions make that doubtful for cross country skiing, races, and skidoo activities.

Kincardine could not attract industry which would remain solvent for the following reasons;

Because of Bruce Power’s high labor costs.

Because of mismanagement by the Liberals, its electrical costs are three times what they are in some other provinces;

There are about 20 countries in the world whose educational standards at the end of High School, are as high as our University degrees. In some, their B.Sc’s are of a higher standard than our PhD’s. That is because their standards are dramatically higher from the start.

Facilities being abused

The Kincardine Marina is responsible for cleaning the washrooms at Station Beach. These washrooms are checked several times a day for clean up and toilet paper.


When staff came in Tuesday morning, they found a terrible mess - used tampons in the shower stalls. People put their garbage everywhere and wash their feet in the sinks. I have even seen a girl waxing her legs.


The ladies washroom is always the worse. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. This goes on every week in the summer.


Who is next?

I attended a Kincardine council meeting this evening (Sept. 2) understanding that our beach’s riptide issue would be on the agenda. The uncle of Lucas, our most recent drowning victim, spoke as well as the brother of a previous victim, the father who drowned in our riptide attempting to save his daughter. They were articulate, logical, focused and spoke with great passion. Their loss is heartbreaking.

The sizable public audience in attendance drew applause with each presentation. I met the wife of the man who drowned and the daughter that he saved. They want action. They want changes now because what we presently have to warn people about the riptide is not working.

“Weighing the risk” rebuttal

Barb McKay, I cannot accept the premise of your article entitled “Weighing the risk”.


No one should accept your assertion the drowning victims at Station Beach entered the water considering they may be making a life and death decision. More likely these people entered the water (along with hundreds of others) wanting to have fun and splash in the waves.


My brother is perhaps an exception as he drowned while rescuing his daughter and her friend. Barb, for you to state that these drowning victims only have themselves to blame because they lack common sense is insulting, incorrect and hurtful to the deceased and their loved ones. I believe a retraction and an apology is in order.


Two post offices

To MP Ben Lobb:


Is there a need for two post offices in Kincardine - one downtown and one at Shoppers Drugmart?


I hear people say they can’t use the downtown post office as it is too busy at lunch time and closes at 4:30 p.m. Hours of service can be adjusted.


The Shoppers Drug Mart is not even convenient. You need a car to get there. It is not on the highest traffic route nor near a residential area. Apparently all parcels will go to Shoppers.