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West Ridge on the Lake retraction

Having spent a considerable amount of time researching the history of the WROTL project, I would like to retract my suggestion last week that council, through intervention in the planning process, is somehow responsible for the final lacklustre subdivision plan.


In fact, it appears that council worked hard to influence the developer to submit a plan more in keeping with our community. In the end the developer, working with Mitchinson Planning, has forced the final plan through via an arbitration process related to delays in the approval process.


Reconsider decision

Taking away blue containers at Beefway because they are being used too much - really? Because they worked so well, the municipality decides it should be stopped? The only problem is that they weren't emptied often enough. Most times I went, one could barely squeeze in cardboard. Guess it was too much effort to maintain, but they solved that extra work problem by cancelling a much used service.


I hope not all council decisions are this way. It would have been a good one if it was not being used at all. The right solution would have been to empty them more often. Hopefully we won’t see more waste along roadways due to this. (This writer would never do that.)


Tennis court problem

I was a member of the Kincardine Tennis Club for 35 years. I helped oversee the installation of one of the finest lighting systems in Ontario. This project came in under budget. I also helped in overseeing the reconstruction of the courts to make them very high quality.


From April until November, these courts are used by people aged four or five years to seniors in their eighties.


The Kincardine Tennis Club has never been a great expense to the town on a year basis as players have paid their own way, including a wind screen and net replacement. Generally we mowed our own grass inside the court.


Community spirit

Kindness, togetherness and charitable deeds to others are what make a community a community.


For instance, the Bervie Women’s Institute gave of themselves by offering a donation to the Paddy Walker House.


The site of this house and tavern is very special - showing that life and life events in 2016 in many ways has not really changed from years ago. Don’t we owe it to the memory of Paddy Walker, his family, the people who saved it from being torn down and those who meticulously resurrected it again?


Other organizations have shown, in both large and small ways, their pride in helping others. If this isn’t community spirit, what is?


Support for hospital appreciated

Each and every year, South Bruce Grey Health Centre is generously supported by the hospital foundations in each of our communities: the Chesley & District Health Services Foundation, the Durham & Community Health Care Foundation, the Kincardine & Community Health Care Foundation and the Walkerton & District Hospital Foundation.

As we near the end of another fiscal year, I am once again humbled by the support our hospital has received from each of these volunteer-based organizations. This year alone, from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, a total of over $870,000 in equipment was purchased by the foundations, including essential items such as the replacement of the infusion pumps for all of our sites. Simply put, our hospital could not operate without the support of these foundations. We rely on their contributions, and greatly appreciate their efforts to ensure the sustainability of health care in our communities.

Deteriorating courts

I have been a member of Kincardine Tennis Club for the last several seasons and a keen follower of this game.

I always look forward to playing tennis at the beautifully located tennis courts in Kincardine, but at the same time am saddened by the deteriorating condition of these courts in recent years - the latest being a sink hole on Court 3.

I fully support Kincardine Tennis Club's proposals and justification put forward to the Municipality for the refurbishment of the courts as soon as possible.

As the club has stated in its recent communication, time is really running out and the 2016 tennis season is already at risk due to the indecision regarding the refurbishment budget approval by the municipality.

I am pretty sure that refurbished courts will attract more membership and will also sustain the interest of the regular paying members as well as the younger generation, while bringing revenue to the club/municipality.

Optimal solution?

On behalf of Union Gas, I’d like to thank area residents for attending our Southern Bruce County Expansion Proposal community information sessions held recently in Chesley, Lucknow and Kincardine. Our team enjoyed the opportunity to meet members of the community and share in-person information about our natural gas proposal, our history and the natural gas industry.

Hawthorne will have lifetime connection to Kincardine

Since announcing my retirement a few short weeks ago, Lesley and I have been overwhelmed by the show of emotion and messages of encouragement from Bruce Power employees and members of our community. I understand the announcement was a shock for many, but in truth, it has been a consideration on my part for some time. However, it was very important to me that we stay the course and complete the major negotiation that underpinned the operation of our facility until 2064, which we announced last December, prior to moving forward with my retirement from Bruce Power.

Sore losers

I find it very strange and disturbing that Union Gas is operating open houses this upcoming week in the three communities that have engaged EPCOR to carry out the role of bringing Natural Gas to our communities.


I was involved for years on this project and disappointed that Union Gas was not able to provide a viable proposal. The municipalities paid Union Gas thousands of dollars in the past to carry out a feasibility and costing study, in response to which Union offered to construct the lines at a cost of some $97,000,000, if the municipalities donated $87,000,000. Union would contribute $10,000,000 (10.3 per cent), but they would own 100 per cent and retain all profits. Not a viable financial alternative for our municipalities.


Mud roads

I see by our local paper that the approval has been given for the downtown parking lot to be upgraded. I don’t think there is any denying that it should be done before it gets to the point of no return.


However, do you realize that over in the south-east corner of the former Kincardine Township we are still driving on mud roads? Four years ago, the Southline was torn up because of lack of maintenance. This section, between Sideroad 30 and the Huron-Kinloss boundary, has become a road of mud. Does our council realize that hundreds of people use this road on the way to the golf course, campgrounds and greenhouses? These people drive out on the Southline with wonderful thoughts of having a great day when all of a sudden they hit 1.5 kms of mud until they reach the Huron-Kinloss boundary, then drive on a beautiful paved road all the way to Bruce Road 1.