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Small town – great job!

Since I attended the Tiverton Old Boys every day, I would like to comment and congratulate the committee and certainly all other volunteers in what appeared to be a successful weekend. Right from the super clean washrooms, great dinners, tidy grounds and planned events, it was an excellent event.


Probably my favourite was the Tiverton Idol. Perhaps Tiverton could make this a yearly event. For the rest of the week those volunteers, for probably some part of their personal holiday, took time to catch up on some rest, but of course that would not be until the park, etc. was back to normal.


Even though they were tired, I would assume the take-down of 199 picnic tables, garbage cans, 3,000 feet of fence (300 sections), etc. at least goes a little easier than putting them up.

Bruce Power - great neighbours!

We are writing this letter to express our sincere appreciation to Judi Chambers and all the Bruce Power volunteers who went above and beyond the call of duty on Saturday, July 18 while staging the Bruce Power annual family day at Station Beach.

We celebrated the wedding of our daughter and son, Hannah Bond and Jamieson Campbell.  The outdoor wedding and celebration had been long planned at the Campbell’s house which coincidently abutted to the Bruce Power festivities.

Understandably Huron Terrace was closed to traffic, but the wonderful security volunteers were well apprised of the event and allowed the wedding party and guests unfettered access such that the wedding could proceed unencumbered.

A lousy landlord

I have a question – what exactly were council’s plans for the old town hall when they moved out to the Pizza Hut if there had been no Arts Groups to rent the space?


Would it have become a storage unit?


Whatever its use, it would cost the taxpayer something . Councillor Leggett says the municipality is not a good landlord – she is right.


In many communities, the municipality is not a “Landlord” to the promotion of arts, festivals and tourism – it is a cost borne with the ultimate payback of visitors to the area, patrons for our downtown businesses and employment opportunities.


Thief gets bolder

Thief getting bolder

It would appear that the crime spree on Lynden Crescent is not over. The thief is now much bolder and has started to remove items in broad daylight.

Just today between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. someone walked onto my property, almost to my front door and stole today’s Saturday Star newspaper.

If you, thief, are so hard up to read a newspaper you could have come and asked and I would have gladly delivered it to you when I was done with it. Rest assured, theft is theft and when you are caught you will have to pay the penalty.

David Meek

RIfe with hypocrisy

What is currently happening at the high schools in the Bluewater District

School Board is a clear example of the provincial government’s left hand not knowing what its right hand is doing, literally.

The fact that the provincial government’s current funding level is not

sufficient to fund what has been touted as an important goal for all of the province’s citizens, namely athletics, is rife with hypocrisy. On the left hand, the province is encouraging fitness, with an actual “Action Plan for Healthy Eating and Active Living”, in an effort to bring down health care costs in the long run.

Let's get to the facts

Councillor Ken Craig stated I was a bad guy for slagging CAO John DeRosenroll and he didn’t want any part of my discussion to Kincardine council.

Craig wanted a public position so he should stand up when the going gets tough. This is the same guy that stood in my living room and stated in front of a group of us that he couldn't wait for a health study on wind turbines because he had $30,000 coming his way from lease agreements.

Is council refusing to look at the bylaws in front of it, forcing me to legal action? This is how residents are treated in this community. No open discussion, just do as we say!

Setting the facts straight

In regard to Wednesday’s council meeting, council would not listen to the facts regarding bylaw 2000-164. This is an agreement between the Kincardine  Yacht Club and the municipality which states the yacht club can rent out the north pier.

In June, I received bylaw 2000-164 from the clerk’s office and from Karen Keiffer of the recreation committee, which handles the harbour. At that time, I asked why the bylaw was not being enforced.

Councillor Laura Haight said at the meeting that the bylaw did not matter; she was looking at a bylaw on the internet which said nothing about the north pier. That’s because she was looking at the bylaw to establish rates and fees for services. At that point, Mayor Larry Kraemer agreed with her, saying “It’s on the internet.”

Park should have proper sign

You might want to check with John deRosenroll regarding the legal name of the park between Harbour and Lambton Streets. This park includes the tennis courts, the public parking area east of the courts, the lawn bowling greens and the area west to the beach. Many people have been referring to this as Tiny Tot Park as it includes a variety of playground equipment on which many young (and some not so young) people enjoy playing. Yes, a service club did provide the equipment for the enjoyment of the children.

As indicated in a recent historical story, Sir Alexander McKenzie and his wife Mabel donated this park to the Town of Kincardine. There were certain conditions, however. This area was to forever remain a park; no commercial establishments were ever to be built; no part of the park was ever to be sold; and the land would forever be called Macpherson Park, after their good friend James A. Macpherson, a lawyer and nine times mayor of Kincardine.

From under the rock

Thanks Eric, but you can use my name. I am the one you were referring to. I'm well protected by my rock and I'm very comfortable being under it.

Why can't we get rid of the hospital board? They must be like a union employee - that is of no value, a job for life. I got a real belly laugh when I heard the SBGHC head say in a radio interview: I don't know why the public went public and made such a fuss. Boy, he is out to lunch. I would hope the door strikes him severely on the posterior when he leaves, and maybe just enough to go forward and face down in whatever your readers wish.
I received first hand information on the reunion, as I have a small source. I don't need nor do I require names as the paper does the same thing; it gives you a mental challenge.

I read your diatribe and enjoyed it. Maybe Carol Mitchell is under a rock, but farther and deeper in the riding. She is a busy person and is always running out of breath running after McGuinty.