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A phone call?


Being a 63-year-old retired teacher and a proud technological dinosaur, I was both interested and dismayed with KDSS vice-principal Sheryl Elliott’s comments outlining how some students can use this technology within the school to disrupt the educational process.


Surely, from my Neanderthal perspective, cell phone cameras, text messaging, Blackberries et al should not be necessary within the school. Why even cell phones?


If parent-child communication is vitally necessary, could that not be accomplished within a very short time with a phone call (a primitive idea) to the school office?


Yours in antiquity,

Peter Carver

Fall update from FOTKH

Many in the community have been asking us for an update following the LHIN presentation at the Davidson Centre, Sept. 14. The Friends have been active in following up the meeting with discussions with the chairman of the meeting, Norm Gamble, and with the CEO, Mike Barrett. Their recommendation was for more discussion with the board and MPP Carol Mitchell, who was appointed as parliamentary assistant to Health Minister Caplan. (As I was about to submit this letter, Caplan very wisely handed in his resignation)

Health and wind turbines

How has everyone enjoyed the quiet and calm within the Suncor/Acciona Ripley Wind project since late Saturday afternoon?


If you and your family members have enjoyed the peace within and outside your homes since the industrial generators were off, that is called "quality of life" or the "enjoyment of your property" by government agencies.


Youth program is a good one

I am a grade 10 student currently attending Kincardine District Secondary School.


I consider my friends and I very trustworthy teenagers who put forth a great deal of effort in academics and take time for various extra curricular activities. However, I feel as if I am proved wrong when I walk into one of our local convenience stores and read a sign posted on the front door saying “only two students at a time please”. Whenever I come across one of these it really irritates me.



Does anyone else find it annoying that the size, weight, or units of products we buy have been gradually decreasing, while the price remains the same or even goes up?It seems sneaky and dishonest.


For example, several years ago I was delighted when they came out with double rolls of toilet paper (or "bathroom tissue" as it is now called).At first a double roll had 400 sheets, but I noticed the number of sheets started declining as time passed, and even the size of each individual sheet became smaller.


Recently I noticed the rolls seemed very small and when I compared products, the new standard is 280 sheets per double roll! This is ridiculous - how can they honestly call it a double roll when it has only 80 more sheets than the "old" single roll?


Environmentally friendly?

I have a question for my fellow Canadians - is carting your own grocery bag really helping the environment?

I've been giving this quite a bit of thought lately and I'm not so sure that there aren't better options. I witnessed one of these "carry your own grocery bags" thrown on the backseat of the truck, where our pup rides with "dad" daily - she no doubt jumps all over it and sits on it if in the way. Now this same bag may end up on the counter of the local grocery store where my fresh vegetables and fruits roll across. 

Fix the north beach

I hope everyone filled out the blue form issued by the municipal officials, entitled Our future, together. Replies were due by Sept. 4.


It is important to get in your views and suggestions, particularly if you reside and pay the higher property taxes within the original town of Kincardine. This was your opportunity to attempt to influence local priorities and expenditures. Otherwise, don’t complain if your taxes continue to include far too many questionable priorities, half-baked plans and short-sighted expenditures.


Put to a vote

This is addressed to the taxpayers of the Municipality of Kincardine:


We are not a city of a few million or even a hundred thousand; how you expect 12,000 people to keep up a $6 million arts centre is beyond me. You now have the Pavilion, Walker House and the dog park to cover the costs on.


The theatre cannot cover its expenses now. What is it going to be like when they have the electric bill, taxes, etc. to cover on a building worth $6 million? I only hope they have more people attending their shows than the 40 or so that are there when we’ve been to one.


Old town hall should be replaced

As the owner of a heritage home and a neighbour of Victoria Park, I would like to applaud Bryan Walden for his efforts in bringing a state-of-the-art Arts Centre to Kincardine, and to thank everyone in town or on council who has the foresight to realize that a facility such as this can only do good things for the community.


We are lovingly restoring our home (circa 1865) bit by bit, the best we can while remaining true to its style and architecture. We also admire the great lengths our neighbours take to keep their heritage properties in wonderful shape. A beautiful antique building adds value to its neighbourhood, and is definitely worth taking the trouble to preserve and maintain.


Reunion a roaring success

I would like to take this time to congratulate everyone from the reunion chair, Deb Cote, to the whole of the committee. These people have worked laboriously over the last several months towards having a great reunion for 2009.


Even with all the stumbling blocks that were put in front of them, they still were able to put on a great show. Congratulations and thank you to the volunteers who helped set this event up, from the several metres of fencing, picnic tables, a wonderful parade, the idol, to all the meals, music and dances that were put on throughout the weekend. And how can I forget the golf tournament?


As an avid participant throughout the weekend, it went off without a hitch, even the weather co-operated.