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Refs do great job

I am writing to thank our local referees, both young and old(er) for the excellent work they do with local hockey. During each winter, we travel as a family to play other hockey centres - win or lose. Being a

proponent of fairness, I observe which calls are made against both teams. On occasion in small villages, some bias exists with younger referees, where they see their friends playing and perhaps have a subconscious wish for the home team to win.


This, in my opinion, cannot be said for Kincardine and Tiverton younger referees. Our senior referees must be doing an excellent job of mentoring and guiding the younger refs as to what fair play is all about. The

calls are consistent for both teams, and lend to the sportsmanship amongst the players.


Torch of the people?

Very interesting political cartoon in your paper last week. It depicted the sponsors and media carrying the Olympic torch through the adoring crowds.

Like most Kincardinites, my wife and I were out to celebrate the torch passing through Kincardine.  We got to cheer on a lady from Lucknow who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself and we were happy for her.

My wife, my granddaughter and I all had all gone on-line months ago to register as potential torch carriers. At the time, I thought that I would have as much chance as every other Canadian. It was going to be a "people’s" torch to celebrate our fabulous country. I knew that I would be in a lottery 

Pool ignored again

I find it interesting to note that, once again, the needs of swimmers in Kincardine are ignored, while taxpayers who swim are required to foot the bill for yet another addition. While I realize that Kincardine is, and always has been, a "hockey town" - bordering on an obsessive one - it should be noted that not all children or families in the Kincardine area care about hockey.


Swimming is a time-honoured activity, providing not only life-saving skills for a Great Lakes population, but excellent exercise for individuals involved. Kincardine's swim teams, and especially the short-lived Underwater hockey teams, have achieved excellent results in the province at swim meets and competitions, yet once again, are left "out in the cold".


A great time

I would like to publicly thank the directors of “Annie, the musical” for giving me this opportunity to play Annie.  It was a pleasure to act the part of the optimistic little orphan.  I have learned a lot over the last few months and will always have many memories. 

Many may not realize all the people behind the scenes that are very crucial for the play to be a success and also deserve big thanks.  The stage manager, for instance, keeps everybody in control and makes sure everyone is where they have to be at all times.  The stage manager assistants were a great help too by telling us when to go on and have saved me many a time from going on stage with my sneakers on.  The set is definitely worth mentioning. 

Rude comments


I must say that I am not someone who actively responds to articles in the newspaper. I normally read it to keep abreast of what is going on in the community around me, but after last week's article about Nestor

Koturbash's presentation to council, I was so upset that I felt I had to speak up.


Not only was his presentation rude, discriminatory and condescending, he obviously does not know much about municipal recreation centres (aka his 'competition') or the definition of a 'high end' fitness market.


Everyone is entitled to an active lifestyle. EVERYONE. Not just young people, seniors, or those that may be disabled or less affluent.



I am sending this on behalf of Jeff Scott of 76 John Street in Inverhuron.

Jeff wishes to stay on his well and septic system, and is saying no to being connected to the municipal system.

As a past resident of Inverhuron, I would like to add my thoughts. I believe that the municipal council members do not know the meaning of democracy, and most off them are sit on their brains and do not care about what the residents want. They just want to do as they damn well please, and not care about the financial burden that will be put on the taxpayer.

I will miss you

You know the critical people you meet in your life? Well, I’m gonna miss Fred Kirby - he was a mentor to me…


In 2005, I was living a contradiction. I was an environmentalist working for a nuclear company and Fred was more than happy to point that out. He challenged me, asked me how much I needed materially and philosophized about priorities. He got through… I was off to Manitoba for a new life.


In my first summer back from Manitoba, again Fred challenged me… this time with a massive woodpile. I don’t know if any of you have been chastised by a man in his late seventies while stacking wood, but some familiar phrases were, “I could have done that in half the time as you when I was your age” or “If I was a younger man, you would be embarrassed”. Obi Wan Kenobi would have taken notes.


During the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of the year, the time where we are supposed to remember those who fought for our freedom, I was partaking in normal gym activities when an announcement came on. The speaker told us to rise for the playing of our national anthem, then 

another proceeded to recite the poem In Flanders Fields.


This is where the Remembrance Day ceremonies become wholly unacceptable at KDSS. First of all, at the school, at least every year I have attended it, we have had an assembly. This assembly was at least an hour long each year, filled with guests, be they from the local air cadets or local veterans from the wars. We have had veterans speak to us about their experiences in the war and about why they signed up to fight for our country and for freedom.


Disappointed in MPP

Health before wind turbines - health studies needed - many victims have had to abandon their homes and more

I sent a letter to my MPP Carol Mitchell to ask her If she would be supporting  Bruce Grey MPP Bill Murdoch's motion/resolution in Queen’s Park Oct. 29.


The motion/resolution was "the province of Ontario must impose a moratorium on all new wind turbine projects in Ontario until such time as Ontario's chief medical officer of health, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment have stated that wind turbines do not have any adverse health effects on people who live near them." 


Come spend the night

An open letter to Carol Mitchell, MPP for Huron-Bruce

We wish to thank you for your interest and current involvement in discussions regarding our hospital’s deterioration. It is unfortunate however that the matter and all alternatives could not be pursued further with all parties being fully engaged, but evidently you must support your government’s directives and priorities regardless of the impact on our welfare. But isn’t there more you could try to do about overall conditions in our area?


We realize that you will not require our support to be re-elected, whenever your government decides it is beneficial to call an election, being a relatively small, somewhat remote corner of your constituency, and Huron does come first in your title; priorities probably follow.