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It stinks

It’s that time of year once again...and once again I write with disappointment.


The amount of unclaimed dog waste on our streets is disheartening. The scene is especially discouraging on the downtown side streets. There are areas where repeat offenders frequent (the east side of the Walker House, corner of Gordon Street and Huron Terrace, the list goes on).


I myself am not the type to engage in shaming but I am wondering if during our next KinDOG poop patrol, we should resort to charivari. Please pick up after your pooch.


Email kincardinedog@gmail.com if you would like to become involved in the KinDOG poop patrol or would like to let us know of a particularly disheartening area.

Not fair

Although this issue doesn’t affect me much considering I am 15 and well below the legal drinking age, I found it strange that the Hawg’s Breath put an age limit on guests past 9 p.m. Their attempt to keep incidents from happening in the bar isn’t really fair. 

Appropriating our development rights

Last week my parents received notice of a public meeting scheduled for March 10, 2010, to discuss an amendment to Kincardine’s Official Plan.


This amendment proposes to create new land use designations. Part of our property is proposed to be designated as “Natural Heritage System”. Where land is designated as NHS, development and site alteration shall not be permitted, erecting buildings or structures shall not be permitted, and placing or removing of fill of any kind shall not be permitted.


What’s it like?

What's it like, I wonder, living and eating in Paul Davies' household?

Nick Toth

Hospital quality

In reply to your editorial in the Feb 10 issue where you tell the Friends of the Kincardine Hospital to patch up their differences with the hospital board and get behind the expansion, you are wrong.


The hospital board has announced grand plans for spending almost $100 million to rebuild the hospital and still provides no local input as to what services will be available in this grand new building. A hospital is a lot more than four walls and a roof with a big H painted on the side. It should be a place where all of the community’s health needs can be met - this includes delivering babies, emergency, in patient care, surgery and diagnostic services.



Toronto’s Giambrone debacle brings to mind a wonderful palindrome: Madam, I’m Adam.”

Peter Carver


Tobacco leading cause of cancer

It is good that government is able to help, by subsidy, those who grow crops when there has been a poor harvest for whatever reason. The taxpayer likes to think their money is helping those who produce needed crops. But at one time it should never have happened to help people grow a “killer” crop. The Government of Ontario subsidized tobacco growers for years.


My one brother died at 26 years of age. He had smoked even after being clearly told not to. He had an asthmatic condition. My three sisters died of cancer. They had all smoked. Last year one of my sister’s daughters died at 42.  She had smoked.


This is a concern of mine because here in Kincardine it is quite common to see High School age youths smoking while walking to and from our high school. 


Davidson Centre breaking ground

The year 2010 is certainly going to be one of renewal and transformation for recreation in the Municipality of Kincardine.


On May 1, ground will be broken and construction will begin on the Davidson Centre Gymnasium addition.  After years of planning, we have all waited patiently to see this new addition materialize. The Municipality of Kincardine conducted a widespread “Community Centre Needs and Feasibility Study” in 2008/2009 and based on the recommendations from that study and funding support from the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government, an addition on the east side of the Davidson Centre has been designed.


Fees on late payments

It was really busy around our house in December. That’s the only excuse I have for being late with my payment to the Town of Kincardine for winter storage for my boat. I saw the invoice when it came, but it simply got lost in the shuffle.


Fair enough; I missed it. Add on the 25 per cent late charge for overdue accounts. I figured I would pay it with my marina fees in February – outrageous as it was.


It never occurred to me that they meant every month. There was nothing on the invoice, or the subsequent one, that suggested this was a monthly, recurring fee. Second invoice – another 25 per cent. Is this even legal? There goes the plan to pay up and even ahead by February, on principle.


A wonderful community

I would like to let all of Josh’s friends at KDSS know how much he appreciated the birthday card that they made for him.


The Facebook group in support of his recovery is much appreciated as well.


Without the continued support of family and friends, recovery would not be possible. I want everyone to know that he is getting better slowly but steadily and that we are so grateful to live in such a wonderful community.


Nancy and Jamie Easton