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Disappointed boardwalk gardeners

It is with some disappointment that I write this letter. Last weekend, I was doing some gardening and general cleanup in  my plots 22-23, at the board walk for the coming season.


I had moved down a wishing well planter that had belonged to my mother-in-law. The next day, while showing the plot to a visiting friend, I noticed the wishing well was gone, only large foot prints remained. This is not an isolated incident – other plot members have had birdhouses taken, and even plants dug up with only a hole remaining!


It is beyond me , how someone could look upon these plants and garden ornaments in their own backyards and gain enjoyment from them, knowing full well how they were acquired!

Go Canadiens?

What the heck is wrong with Montrealers? What is the old saying, “for instant a-hole, just add alcohol?”

It’s bad enough that we Canadians, who are supposed to be the founders of hockey, are constantly finding our teams put out early, but now as we watch one of our teams get one step closer we also have to watch a bunch of idiots backing them, tarnishing our reputation even further. What were they trying to prove?

The U.S. increased security because of 911, but not us. We have to because we won a hockey game.


More cost effective?

To The Editor: Re Old Town Hall Restoration

Athina Gatos made some valid points regarding the preservation of Ontario’s heritage buildings with direct reference to the current restoration project of the Old Town Hall, now the Kincardine Centre for the Arts.

The building, badly scarred from previous superficial repairs, will receive a facelift with the assistance of an infrastructure grant from the federal and provincial governments. The finished product promises to create a visual gem in our downtown.

Drug plan will jeopardize level of healthcare

I read with a great degree of disappointment Carol Mitchell's letter to the editor regarding the dispute between the McGuinty government and the pharmacists of Ontario.  I had held my tongue up to now, but after frequent requests for my opinion from my patients and finally realizing that Carol doesn't seem to have any information other than what her party has fed to her, I have decided to come forward.



Against wind farm

I live inside the boundaries for the new Armow wind project.


While I understand that as property owners, my neighbours are free to make decisions about their land, the degree to which their decisions affect surrounding properties is astounding; from a real estate value perspective, an aesthetic perspective, a health perspective and an ecological perspective.


We all have to jump through so many hoops with the municipality to build say, a shed on our private property; something which will only affect the homeowner. Yet people are allowed to erect these monoliths without any discussion from the community around them, without even adequate testing?


Pharmacy plan is reckless

The McGuinty government’s announcement of massive funding cuts to community pharmacies will seriously hurt front-line healthcare in Kincardine.

Our pharmacy delivers vital health care services people here rely on. We help seniors stay healthy and keep their medication organized and effective. We also deliver seniors’ medications to their homes at no charge to them. We help people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems stay out of the hospital.  We help families with sick children, who call on us when they can’t get in to the doctor, or the doctor’s office is closed. We help treat many people with effective non-prescription treatments that keep them out of the emergency rooms. All of these valuable services are currently delivered at no charge to the patient.

Support for Dr. Roth

The physicians of the Kincardine area who have been maintaining hospital in-patient and emergency services have been very concerned at the manner in which Dr. Lisa Roth has been treated by the hospital administration. They have indefinitely suspended her as “site” chief of staff and have refused to accept her as president of the hospital’s medical staff.


Dr. Roth has demonstrated exemplary constraint and discipline in providing leadership in her role as chief of staff for Kincardine for over four years in face of decisions that have reduced and centralized services away from our local hospital.


Dr. Roth has functioned as chief of staff for over four years and volunteered for a position as president of medical staff, unfilled since Dr. Mann’s departure a number of years ago.

Setting the record straight

Dear Editor, 


After hearing some colorful rumors about myself in recent weeks, I feel that I should set the record straight.


In February, The South Bruce Grey Health Centre Board of Directors indefinitely revoked my appointment as Chief of Staff for the Kincardine Hospital site. They were concerned about an email sent to SBGHC staff encouraging them to participate in the independent consultant’s survey that was commissioned by the Friends of Kincardine Hospital.


Working together

Regarding the editorial in the March 17 Independent, "Working together"



The editor raises many good points and observations regarding the ongoing, never-ending quest to keep the downtown looking vibrant, clean and attractive. The BIA has learned that the municipality's property standards can only be enforced when public safety is at issue. When broken windows are boarded over, we have learned that this band-aid approach is sufficient according to the bylaw. Unfortunately, the bylaw does not  address neglect and eye-sores.


The majority of BIA stakeholders make the effort to sweep their portion of the sidewalk and keep their business windows and store facades looking great. Unfortunately, like in any neighbourhood, there are always a few who do not make the effort.

Be considerate of your neighbours

So another 53 wind turbines are planned for our local farm land.

Just a word to  those considering leasing their land, please be considerate and inform your neighbours of your intent - especially those neighbours whose land adjoins onto yours.


Sadly, we have  learned through the proverbial grapevine that some neighbours have signed up for windmills to be put on their property, which is directly behind ours.


If this Ripley wind farm is approved, and if our "neighbour" gets his wish for these megaliths they will be virtually in our back yard.