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Windmills in Huron

National Geographic magazine has written that there are five locations in the whole world where the sunsets are the most beautiful. Lake Huron is one of them. We are wondering if they will still be saying that if we get a row of windmills in Lake Huron. Will people want to admire the sunsets through the flickering blades of wind turbines?


People are going to want to escape from Kincardine when the windmills are lined up in front of that sunset!

What kind of officials do we vote in that make these stupid decisions where the welfare of the residents has been completely ignored? What destruction to this beautiful area!


J. & S. Reiche

Won’t go down without a fight

An e-mail to International Power and IBI Group

Your announcement listed that this meeting in Ripley, at the community centre on Tuesday, Aug. 10  was a PUBLIC MEETING.  This was not a public meeting.  This was an Open House.  A public meeting implies that there will be an information discussion.  There was no time or space for a discussion.  The closest thing to real public input was the comment sheet handed out and to be returned to IBI Group.  Several people completed these forms, on the spot, and left them at the open house.  To be sure that these comment sheets do not end up in the round, green, filing cabinet, we expect to see these comments included in any report you submit to the Minister of the Environment and to I.P.I. to date,   it doesn't appear that you are one bit interested in public opinion.  


Citizens need to get involved

We are a community with a lot of interest in the debate about wind turbines.  While our provincial and local governments and the corporations erecting these wind generators are responding to people’s concerns, the response seems to be coming up short.  People are still frustrated and angry about the impact these large structures may have on property values, individual health and our environment.  Unfortunately, when it comes to answering these questions the response seems mumbled and unclear.

I am no expert on wind generators.  It is a large and complex topic.  I am writing this letter to highlight what I see as a few key issues and possible ways to address them.

Food inspection results should be public

Re: Ensuring your food is safe

Thank you for the article on the Grey-Bruce Health Unit inspector and her respective duties; it was an interesting read.  However, despite their work behind the scenes ensuring food safety at the various facilities, the GBHU is missing perhaps the most critical element from a public perspective - transparency.

Why does the GBHU not post its inspection results for the public to readily obtain? I was informed that in order to obtain this data, a formal Freedom of Information request was required to be submitted, presumably specific to the establishment in question.

Other County/Regional Health Units, including London-Middlesex, Halton, Waterloo and Durham have excellent "Dine-Safe" programs.  Facility inspection records are all posted online and easily searched by town or restaurant name.

Listen to those who elected you

Open letter to all MPPs, Dalton McGuinty, Brad Duguid, and Carol Mitchell:



I am Brian MacEachern. I live in Aurora and own cottage property on the shore of Lake Huron in Huron-Kinloss Township.


I am writing to express my concern over what I view as the erosion of the democratic process in Ontario.

Complain through proper channels

After reading your column this week, I was curious about the YouTube video you mentioned - Idiot Drivers in Kincardine Who Feel they are Above the Law - and went to see it for myself.


First, I must say that the concept of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' is lost on the individual who made this slide show. There is no need to resort to vulgarity and personal insults when the photos speak for themselves.


What a great weekend!

Canada Day – a super celebration, marching with our Legion members, the Scottish Pipe Band, kids with decorated bikes and Blinkie to the flag at the harbour. Mike Walsh did a great job with making us proud to be Canadians. The fireworks were spectacular and everyone must have been near Lake Huron shores to see it.


Saturday’s Scottish Festival (which I never saw before) but what an enjoyment for two days. Sports at St. Anthony’s School, which was well worth the bus trip and the fun and excitement of the Scottish games. The pipe band parade along Queen Street was attended by a tremendous number of folks who love our Kincardine Scottish band.


The Marquis of Muskoka

I quite enjoyed your Editor's Notebook item on Tony Clement in the June 16 edition.  It brought back memories of my work at the University of Toronto in the mid-1980s.


My job required me to attend meetings of the university's governing council, on which Tony sat as a student representative.  I swear he has not aged a bit - and that is not meant as a compliment, since, even as a student, he looked, and acted, the part of a stuffed shirt and was already rehearsing for his future role as an obfuscating oligarch of patronage, pork and privilege.


Help needed for bridge funding

Most trail users will have noted the missing bridge on the Adelaide Street road allowance, between Kincardine and Bruce Avenues. The bridge that was initially in place there was temporary and unfortunately washed down stream twice over the past three years. In the spring of 2009, it was damaged beyond repair.


It has been the plan all along to replace this temporary structure with a permanent one.  The Kincardine Trails Association (KTA) has been working with the municipality, an engineering firm and the SVCA over the past two years in an effort to wrap up all the details required for the installation of a permanent structure.


Please return

Would the person who stole or relocated the cherub from the garden at the boardwalk in memory of my son please return it. I placed it there on Thursday and walked my family from out of town down a couple of days later on the holiday weekend to see the memory garden.


I was so disappointed to see the cherub gone, especially as my son had a fatal accident in Lake Huron.


If it is returned, no questions will be asked.


Hoping you will respect my wishes.


A grieving mother


Audrey Hancock