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Action needed now

Delegates passed a resolution at the Dominion Convention of the Royal Canadian Legion in Winnipeg this past summer demanding immediate action by Veterans Affairs Canada on the rates payable for funeral and burial expenses. The rates should be brought in line with the customary fees for these services, or at least to the level established for the Canadian Forces. The Legion has been advocating for this since 2004.


In 2006, our members requested action be taken and then again in 2008, but nothing was done. In September 2009, the Office of the Veterans’ Ombudsman submitted a report to the government entitled “Serve with Honour, Depart with Dignity”, which was consistent with our advocacy on this issue. Again nothing has happened.


Meeting the Queen

I want to tell you about an interesting trip I had to my daughter’s home in Sackville, Nova Scotia this past June. It’s like a dream now.


I met the Queen in Halifax at the harbour when she was there unveiling a plaque for The Sackville, the last of the Second World War U-boats. People were lined up both sides of the harbour and on the boat too. The regal cars were parked there too. She came in on The St. John to the harbour and came down the ramp and walked along the boardwalk just as good as any teenager could. Prince Philip was with her as were Stephen Harper and the premier of Nova Scotia.



In my bid for a Ward One councillor position in Kincardine, I received a letter yesterday from a respected member of our community.


Poisoning a cruel death

An incident involving a poisoned cat has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I hadn't been sure that I was yet calm enough to address this situation until now. Within the last week, a neighbour approached me to see if I would/could attend to a cat in distress on her front yard. The cat in question had either been severely mauled by another animal or else poisoned. The lower half of the stricken feline appeared paralyzed and it was in obvious pain. I checked for punctures and could find none. Police forbade me to dispatch the animal as it could have been someone's pet, so the task inevitably fell upon their shoulders. As the feline could possibly be carrying rabies, the CFIA was called in to gather the necessary blood and tissue samples and at that time, an examination of the body was carried out and verified that the animal had NOT been mauled.


Previous apology rendered meaningless

At last Tuesday's Meet the Candidates event, incumbent mayor Larry Kraemer stated, "So, I tore out the back room. It was the right decision and I stand by it," in reference to the very first action he took following the last election.


Disturbing trend

I've been noticing a disturbing trend in the countryside lately. It's been my observation that at least one-quarter of all drivers are failing to stop properly at stop signs. Some are drifting through and hardly slowing down, while others slow down to nearly stopped and then drive through. Both of these practices are very dangerous. There are four fundamental reasons why this is unsafe and could lead to a collision.

Firstly, there are two blind spots in the car at the front, the left and right A-pillars. You can't see through them.

Secondly, there is the optic blind spot which you can't see through either. Your brain just fills this blind area with stuff like what it sees around it. There is no 'black' spot in your vision to tell you where it is.

A conflict?

So far political parties have not been involved in municipal politics in Ontario.


In Kincardine, though, the Kincardine and District Chamber of Commerce is as close as you can get to being Larry Kraemer's political party. In the past he has lobbied shamelessly on its behalf to get them back operation of Kincardine's tourism department. Kraemer has been a Chamber executive member and President. Past Chamber executives and presidents have worked on his election campaigns - including this one.


Total disrespect

On the morning of Sunday, Sept. 5, my father found that the flagpole in his front yard was damaged beyond repair with a large portion of it missing altogether. Worse still, his Canadian Air Force flag, which has been proudly flying in his front yard for many years, had been stolen.


My Father, Pilot Officer Kenneth H. Linklater, at 87 years of age, is one of our few surviving WWll Veterans.  Being a WWll Veteran is a designation of great pride to my father, who as a Mid-upper and Tail­gunner in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force ) saw more than his share of active duty from the interior 

of a Lancaster Bomber.


Dire situation at Lake Huron Fishing Club

The historic Lake Huron Fishing Club is at a crossroads as described in the following excerpt from the Lake Huron Fishing Club's last newsletter, Aug. 26.


This is the message of retiring President, Ray Walser, "The LHFC is very well respected, both locally and provincially, for the conservation work that we do and how well we represent the fishermen of this area. Over our 27-year history, we have accomplished an awful lot and we have developed an excellent reputation. Without enough volunteers on our executive though, some jobs are not going to be

True representation?

There have been mixed reviews reported in the media regarding the quality and flavour of retherm meals that were recently sampled at the Kincardine site of the SBGHC. What was not reported was that the food presented to the public on the taste-test evening was neither prepared nor presented in the way patients will receive it.