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Smoother footwork

The Independent's front page photo story of the restoration to Dominique Fisler of the greatest sled she had ever seen reminded me of a somewhat similar experience I had some years ago. The outcome was not quite the same.



After the end of the Second World War, I redeemed enough War Saving Stamps to finance the purchase of a brand-new CCM bicycle. One summer day in 1948 I parked this pride and joy on the lawn of the United Church manse, the big red-brick house at Durham St. and Huron Terrace.


Better solution needed

I wish to comment on the editorial regarding the current school accommodation review. 


I do not feel it would be in the best interest of the students to have both EMPS and HHPS revert back to JK to grade eight schools. This would mean that neither school would be at capacity, neither school would have enough students to make full grade classes (therefore there would be a lot of split grade classrooms) and worst of all it would mean that students who have gone to school together since JK would be split apart with some going to EMPS and some going to HHPS.


It would mean that the strong Home and School Associations and SCCs of both schools would be split and school volunteers would be in even shorter supply than they are now.  


Where your food comes from


It is extremely disappointing that Canadian consumers wanting to support local food are not always served well by Canadian food labels. The members of the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario are very disappointed that the labelling practices of Canadian food processors and retailers don't always clearly identify where the food was grown and processed.


But there are some bright spots. Our fresh fruits and vegetables have excellent mandatory labelling rules that provide Canadians with informed choices when making their purchasing decisions. We believe that consumers should have that same knowledge for all of their food purchasing decisions.


What's the school agenda?

The following is part of a brief I presented to the Bluewater District School Board in the spring of 2002 during its last accommodation review for our area - after which the Board closed two elementary schools, both in the Kincardine-Tiverton catchment area.

“I feel very strongly - and I believe that you have some verification of this information - that the workforce at Bruce Power (BNPD) is on the cusp of a major demographic shift. I am not talking about new hiring for Bruce A. The current complement of BNPD workers has a median age of 48 or 49, which means over the next six, seven or eight years, half of the workforce there will be turned over in favour of younger workers much more likely to have school-aged children.

Christmas memories



While this has been a wonderful year for some families, it has been a difficult year for others such as my own.



On March 25, I lost my grandmother, Ellen Rowe, and one week later (April 1) I lost my grandfather, Harold Slessor.


We go through the motions of grieving, but holidays can be particularly difficult, sparking memories shared with the loved ones we’ve lost and who are not here in person to share and create new memories.



An old friend

I was saddened when I read in the Independent that my old friend Gwen Pollock passed away.  I would like to share something special that happened to me in the late eighties.  The Kincardine Recreation Department’s  bid to host  its first Lake Huron Zone Recreation Association (L.H.Z.R.A.) 5 County Senior Games  was successful ..  Right away in my Recreation Corner Column in the paper I put out a call for volunteers from the community to lend a hand at the Games.


Lordy, in my mind's eye it is just like it happened yesterday - the next day after the paper came out who should waltz in to my office  but Cecilia Picot, the late Joyce MacDonald and Gwen. They  plopped themselves down in the three chairs in front of my desk and proclaimed in unison, "what can we do to help?"  It was a wonderful A.O.K. (act of kindness). One I never forgot.


Mail service?

To all Kincardine residents affected by poor, late or missing mail delivery, please call your MP Ben Lobb at 1-877-524-6560 (Goderich office) and tell him complaints are NOT effective.


We pay for good service, but are not receiving it.


Peter Edisbury

Good Samaritans

If you ever need the help of a Good Samaritan, Kincardine is a good place to be.


On Saturday, Nov. 20, our dog Raven slipped her collar and was killed on Highway 21 some time later.


During our search for her, we had kind help from many people; notably Carol from Critter Cravings, Jackie, Julie, Sean, Steve, Jim and Carol, who all helped by looking for her.


We’ve been hoodwinked

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” - attributed to Honest Abe Lincoln.



Think your electric bill is high now? Just wait a year or two.


We've been had. Hoodwinked. Duped. Conned. Fooled. The wool over my eyes is starting to itch.


The ONLY way we can reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the potential devastating effects of global warming and climate change is by leaving fossil fuels right where we found them: buried underground or deep in our oceans.


Turbine approval process

On Nov. 4, John Wilkinson, minister of environment, responded to questions from Philip McNeely, MPP for Ottawa-Orleans, in the legislature regarding public consultations and proposed amendments to the Green Energy Act. Over the last few months, I have received similar questions from my Huron-Bruce constituents and municipal leaders and wanted to share Wilkinson’s answers with you.


McNeely asked Wilkinson to clarify “misinformation and half truths being spread about the approval process.”