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Question candidates on education

By the time you read this, the Bluewater District School Board is likely to have finalized its budget.  But problems remain.The funding formula needs work.


For example, Elgin Market elementary school in Kincardine is full - actually so full as to trigger an 

accommodation review. Yet it costs the board money to operate on a net operating cost basis:  $60,000 in the 2009-2010 year. We need to solve problems like this.


Plant trees, not weeds

Since I have pruned trees at Connaught Park from when they were planted, I was saddened to see two of the oldest and biggest hard maple trees have been replaced by the new building which houses the much-needed public washrooms.


However, my next disappointment was to see two newly planted trees of the silver maple variety. Could someone please tell me who in the name of hell would make a decision to plant glorified weeds in a lovely ball park? Is the extra cost of a couple of hard maple trees the problem? If so, I would like to donate the same. All I would ask is for someone to make sure they get watered.


Check it out

Before making a decision on whether or not Natural Gas should come to Kincardine, I urge people to get the facts.


We were blind-sided by the reality of windmills. "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me." 


Just type these words into your browser "Natural gas fracking" or precede it with any reliable source you care to mention - maybe "CBC natural gas fracking". In a nutshell, the process of extracting natural gas is one of the most invasive types of "mining" imaginable. It has left polluted

streams, rivers, and lakes in its wake. Some U.S. families were able to set fire to the water coming out of their taps after the natural gas had been extracted from their areas. I know you think you've misread that last statement.

KDSS symposium this week

KDSS is getting ready to host the Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Village symposium on June 9 and 10.


During these two days, every student at the school will be given the opportunity to participate in informative workshops and listen to influential guest speakers. The aim of this symposium is to help young people understand their role in society and encourage them to make more positive contributions to our community.


Gasoline price gouging


I refuse to be held hostage to the gasoline price gouging. Kincardine is no  exception when it comes to that. I know how to go elsewhere to get gas,  shop and spend my money, where gasoline is a better price.


And it's not that  far away. Some time ago, a dear old friend of mine, told me, "They just  want you to send your money in an envelope and drive by."


No truer words  spoken. Not happy with gas prices, and just because the people who work at  Bruce Power, can afford more, doesn't mean that you should soak them.


And don't feed me any story that the big companies set the prices.


Multicultural event

On behalf of the Kincardine Multicultural Committee, the Youth Support Group would like to invite you to our 10th Annual Multicultural Event. It will be held on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The Youth Support Group is a group of students from different ethnic backgrounds who have taken an interest in diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. We have been involved with this event for several years, with participating booths such as those representing Angola, India, and Nauru.

Of course we promise  great food, and entertainment. However, we also guarantee that you will leave  with some new knowledge, and possible a new outlook on our world today. This year’s theme is “Bringing people together, to strengthen our community”, and we hope that you will attend this year’s event, and 
indulge yourself into the different foods, and entertainment from around the world.


National VON week

VON Canada (Victorian Order of Nurses) has provided Canadians with competent, safe and quality health care for 114 years. Here in Grey and Bruce Counties, VON nurses have been vital members of the health care team since 1937. 


Community nurses are at the heart of essential health services. Their comprehensive assessments, care plans, and treatments help clients get well at home. They have specialized knowledge to provide care that ultimately helps people heal in their homes, or sometimes, helps them to die with comfort and dignity.


Not about the robot


When I first starting paying attention to the KDSS robotics team, like many other people, I thought it was all about building and driving a robot.


Since then I have found that I was quite wrong -  the team and program are about much more than that. 


Drivers must pay attention

Yes, I understand it's frustrating to watch someone dash across the street when you're in a hurry. Yes, I understand you have important places to go, people to see. This does NOT give you the right to ignore the big red light at Harbour Street downtown. It's no longer a crosswalk for a reason.


I pressed the button. I waited for the pedestrian crossing light, and then I crossed. Then someone in a white truck decided he wanted to go through the red light. What if someone had crossed the street after me? 


External review is needed

There have not been many times of the past that I have agreed with your thinking, but you are right when you say that there has to be an external review of all municipal employees.  The taxpayers of the municipality need to realize that this is a must if you want your municipality to succeed.  It is going to cost money, there is no two ways about that, but in the end hopefully there will be a truer picture of who is running our municipality and what type of job they are doing for the municipality.  I know in the past that there have been internal consults done and as far as I know the situation didn’t change.  The council needs to hire a consultant to review the management and employees.