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CANDU could be our biggest export

Subject: Where is Kincardine in the Big Picture – Aug. 31 issue - Page 5

I thought Sam MacGregor's report was just excellent.


But I think in light of Fukushima, we have a new battle to fight to explain how CANDU does not have the same risks as the Japanese nuclear systems.


It’s true that we will never be hit with a tsunami on the shores of Lake Huron but we could befall other calamities such as plane crashes or terrorist attacks which could require emergency shutdown and containment.


Safety first

Do you know where wind turbines can be built because of McGuinty’s green plan?


In residential back yards, only they could be nearly as high as a 10-storey building with a blade on it that weighs about 155kg. That’s like having a couple of home refrigerators spinning around.


However, farmers and land owners are the real lucky ones. They get to have really huge industrial wind turbines that approach 50-storeys, with blades on them that weigh about 40 tons - or about the same as five school buses.


We’ve all now seen the damage in Goderich from a tornado, and our hearts go out to the people there. Just think of what might have happened in Goderich if homes, schools and businesses were equipped with wind turbines.

Are you kidding?

Re: Editor’s Notebook!


Man, I had to re-check the date on last week's newspaper to make sure it wasn't April 1st. Are you kidding me? Problems with the new arena addition? It's how many months overdue, not even open yet and there's problems? Seriously, these "issues" should have been obvious from the onset. 


What's next, hire the same architects to plan and implement a solution? Can you say  Medical Clinic, anyone? Anyway I can allocate my donation towards an extra shower-head in each dressing room, or is that one aspect of the addition that's actually finished?


Mike Reaume


There seems to be a basic issue that is getting very confused. People seem to be accepting the illusions from questionable advertising by governments and big industrial businesses of what a product appears to be and not the reality of what it really is and does.


Take industrial wind turbines. Advertisements promote illusions of how benign they are, totally an asset to our well being and how friendly government and the wind industry is.


In  reality, they cause many harmful health issues to humans. The wind industry buys up homes troubled by industrial wind  turbines and a gag is placed on the former owners. If you question or express opposition, then intimidation tactics, like name calling, are used.



What has happened to our younger generation when it comes to making change for money without a till to tell them what to plunk into our outstretched hands? The giver does not count it out, and the receiver does not count it out, just dump it in your wallet. Was it the right amount? This is sad to say.


I have learned of two incidents this past week where the money was handled without a till to tell them the change. Confusion followed.


Text messaging may be fun, but when it comes to spelling when sending e-mail or a letter, that is a no-no.


I am a senior. I still know how to add, subtract, multiply and write words, and use a computer. Texting is not for me, so don’t forget your ABCs when you need a dictionary.

Please, not here

Although the suggestion of sending all the Conservatives packing is a good one, please don't 

send them up here to Baffin Island.


Send them further north to where it's less civilized. 

Ron Wassink

A special place

I enjoy reading the online version of The Independent.

I think you commented last week on the 'brain cramped' woman who objected to the street closure during the women's triathlon. Her melting groceries trumped the interest of women's physical fitness apparently.


It reminded me of a situation, just one week before, while I waited to watch the start of the clan parade during the Scottish festival. The intersection of HuronTerrace and Lambton Street was temporarily closed as volunteers - a middle-age woman and two teenagers - moved road blocks to stop traffic. Naturally, cars

Get involved

I read the article in your paper “Women’s House under Investigation’ and attended the Annual General Meeting to which it referred. As a former employee (1986 – 1989 and 1998 – 2007), I remain interested in this organization and am deeply committed to the struggle to end violence against women and children.

Women’s House appears to have had many successes over the last several years, most recently Second Stage Housing. The front-line staff is to be acknowledged for the difficult work they do. They are too often the unsung heroes.

Enough is enough


Since the first industrial wind project started in Ontario in the riding of Grey Bruce held by Liberal Carol Mitchell, constituents have been begging her to do something about the serious harm to their health. They asked for help plain and simple. Help did not come. What did come in buckets was criticism of people suffering unbearable health problems because wind turbines were operating near their homes.



What a Great Weekend!


Weather was just right, lots of fun people , lots to see and wonderful music.


How great it is to be back in Kincardine. In the 42 years I have been away, nowhere I have lived was the fun and friendship as wonderful.


Thank you Kincardine for the honour that was given in medals to us World War 2 Veterans.