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Kincardine rocks

Now that spring is here, all of us in Kincardine can look forward to another year of extravagances in this town.

To start, everybody should be venturing down to the lakeshore north of the pier to see where our tax dollars were blown this year - the most expensive solution to a hundred metres of erosion around. Well there isn’t much to see. Somebody in town directed the contractor to bury (hide) it all under a few inches of sand.

That’s okay. A few windy days and Mother Nature will blow the sand off, exposing the $300,000 pile of rocks. With the receding lake levels the rocks will be around to see for many years.

To rub it in, there’s the 2017 tax bill with an eight per cent increase to pay for it all; one of the highest increases in the country. To rub it in even more, there are 100 recently-installed, big, white fans around Armow also contributing to additional taxes in the town coffers.

Council is the boss

I do not agree that the CAO or Water Waste Supervisor have so much say as council is their boss.

It would have been much cheaper for the municipality to have found and repaired the water meter that was causing the issue, instead of passing the buck because the bylaw states that the property owner must find the water meter.

As a retired municipal employee, I was always was under the impression that the council was the big boss; not the CAO, as he was hired by the council, as I was back in 1980.

I do not agree that councillor Gordon Campbell should be brought up on the carpet for doing his job as councillor and working for the taxpayers.

Who elected the council? It was certainly not the CAO.

The CAO should have to answer to the council, not the other way around.

Wayne Hartwick


Need consistent customer service


Is it any wonder that locals do not support some businesses in town considering how they are treated by them? Any business, whether old or new, exists to be of service to customers at any time of the year. Why else would they be open?


I will be the first to recognize excellent customer service and to congratulate those people with a winning nomination in various categories, but I will also be aware of poor business practices.


Kincardine needs consistency - whether the tourists are around or not and whether big clients are around or not. The individual (whether a senior, teen or child) needs to be recognized all year by the businesses as these people are the bread and butter of their existence.



To the Editor:

I am writing to offer my perspective on recent and continuing concerns raised by Shirley Wright as regards the North Beach Erosion Protection project. In the spirit of full disclosure, I wish to advise that I own the property at 177 Harbour Street, immediately adjacent to the north pier. My family and I have had a long relationship with the property, beach and lake, having lived here since 1911.

Beach concerns

It just makes me want to cry to see what they are doing to the beach at Tiny Tot, to our beautiful beach. It will be so dangerous to anyone trying to cross it. It is so unsightly - it has so many large spaces and crevices to fall into and for weeds and trees to grow in. If you go and look at it and tell me it is going to be any different than the one on Saugeen North, you are blind.

Please, council, take a walk down there this weekend and see for yourselves before it is too late. I see the stakes go almost all the way to the Pavilion now. Please see for yourself. There is a road on the beach now where you can safely take to look at the progress. It would be so irresponsible of our representatives not to check the progress of this project to ensure we are getting what was promised and give the go ahead or stop the activity for the public portion of the project.

To the rest of the town, if you care, say something or it will be gone for good!


To the Editor,

Global Citizen has a letter circulating calling on President Trump to reverse the Executive Order to ban refugees and states, “The United States has just slammed its doors on the world’s most vulnerable…We, as global citizens, stand proudly as supporters of refugee communities and vulnerable populations, regardless of religion or national origin…Sign the letter to President Trump calling on him to reverse course.”

Some may feel there is nothing we can do to change this situation. I would remind those that feel this way of Edmund Burke.In 1770, the Irish statesman and philosopher wrote about the need for good men to associate to oppose the cabals of bad men. In July of 1920, Sir R. Murray Hyslop delivered an address at a Congregational Church Conference that included the following: ‘Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”’

Lots to celebrate

This year there is reason to celebrate Willa Schoffer’s musical talent and her contributions to our community. She will be having her 85th birthday; who would ever know with her zest for life, sly sense of humour, attractive manner and her strong will, stamina and determination.

“Fake News” and the Labour Movement

There is a possibility that “fake news” may have been a consideration in the recent American election outcome and with its proliferation in many facets of life, “fake news” is currently the subject of talk shows, pundits, etc. There is clear evidence that for some, fake news may pass for factual news but despite appearances it has no semblance to fact-based journalism or source verified news.

 Make the best of the new year

And now we have 2017! What will the year bring to us all? It will be what will be, and we have to make the best of it.

But I want to thank the people of Kincardine who make our lives easier, such as the garbage collectors, snow plow operators, etc. What a great job they are all doing. The postman often brings parcels right to our door and the merchants try hard to make their display windows beautiful.

Thanks also to the dentists, doctors and nurses. Is it not great that we have a hospital and clinic? I am sure there are many more people who I want to thank, including the newspapers and whoever I forgot to mention.

The people of Kincardine do support them all and don't shop always online.

This year stop fiddling with the computer so much. Read a book, have meaningful conversations, listen to music and don't forget to exercise. I am happy living in Kincardine. Happy New Year!

Brigitte Bellstedt


I am writing this letter with such gratitude for the wonderful emergency care given to me at the Kincardine Hospital.

I am so indebted to Dr. Daniel Soong, who diagnosed a life threatening condition, and made the prompt decision to transport me to University Hospital in London. Not only did he confirm the reason for my distress but he accompanied me, along with the ER nurse and the two EMS attendants, to the hospital in London.

We are very fortunate to have a physician of such high calibre and compassion in Kincardine. I shall be forever grateful!

Patricia Henry, Kincardine