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Take a lesson from Oakville

Thank you for publishing my letter regarding the class system in the Aug. 27 edition. But I would like to correct the last two lines: I have been part of both class one and class two property owners.


In 2005, I owned a vacant building lot in the Craig Drive subdivision. I was billed for the mandatory hookup and had no choice but to pay it. I requested an exemption until a building permit was issued, but the answer was no exemptions. I still own the lot and it is still vacant. I was advised by a municipal employee at the time that paying this fee would enhance the property value of the lot. It in fact has devalued the property value by $8,000 according to MPAC, the provincial corporation which designates fair market value of properties.


Is this our best?

After seeing all the seagulls and Canada geese feeding, resting and eliminating on the very grounds where my grandchildren are expected to play soccer, I have put my frustration and concerns down in writing to you.


After seeing the field of white where the green grass of playing fields should be, I got out to take a picture. What a stench! This cannot be a healthy option as a playground for hundreds of youngsters running, tripping and rolling around playing soccer and other sports.


I challenge you and others of this town to go look for yourselves and take a picture, but I wouldn't breathe too deep or frolic too long - the bacteria might attach. I conjure up thoughts of bird flu and other avian carried diseases.


Seasons change

I have always been so proud of my hometown band and talk about them to many when I am away.

Tonight was the most special treat I have experienced in all the years (40) of living in Kincardine. Not only did it do the normal rain thing but when the band headed back the pipes were all lit up like Christmas trees. What a beautiful sight to see.

Thank you all of you in the pipe band  and visiting pipers and drummers for blessing us with your wonderful music and dedication to entertain this town for all the years you have been doing it.

Jane Peachman

Class system in Kincardine

In Kincardine there are a lot of property owners in the area north of the hospital and west of the B-line in the Kincardine Water Treatment Expanded Service Area as shown as Schedule A in Bylaw 2005-142. These property owners fall into three classes.


Class One are the unhappy group because they got a huge charge added to their tax bill for a pipeline hookup they do not want and one they had stated to council that they did not need. Class One own property that “front or abut a municipal water distribution system, as determined by the Water Purveyor, and for which a building permit could be obtained as of June 30, 2003.”


No notice?

So the municipality is upset that the release from the Competition Bureau came out without notice or consultation. A few short months ago, the municipality was not concerned that Bruce Telecom was sold without notice to or consultation with the ratepayers.


It is time to elect a new council with a vision for Bruce Telecom.


Irwin Evans

Water bill

I got my water/sewer bill in the mail today and noticed the increase from the April billing.  For your information my Metered Rate stayed the same, but the Residential Water Flat rate went up $2.68.


Remember when that used to be $100/yr or $25/month.  Now it is $115.32 or $28.83/month or $345.96/yr.


The Residential Sewer rate that used to be on our tax bill now goes up incrementally with the water bill and also went up since April by $1.88.  I see this one as taxation without representation.


These rates are increased every year, automatically, without our input through a bylaw passed a few years ago to avoid public interference.  Yes, they said that out loud.  Maybe we can get the next council to rescind this bylaw.

Festival thanks

A huge thank you to the Kincardine Scottish Festival volunteers and everyone who helped make the 15th annual Kincardine Scottish Festival a success.


Approximately 200 people donated their time and talents volunteering to make the festival happen. The site set up crew started work late Tuesday and worked through Friday to get Victoria Park ready for the gates to open. Friday afternoon until the festival closed on Sunday, numerous people worked shifts on the gates, at the information booth and bar, on clean up duty, marshalling the parade, helping with the Highland dancing, piping in and addressing the haggis, serving food to volunteers or putting on displays about Scottish culture. Thank you all!


The Kincardine Scottish Festival Executive

Trustees need to be responsible

Bluewater District School Board (BWDSB) trustees have adjourned for the summer. Many of the current trustees will be seeking re-election. As former ARC chair of the Derby Public School Accommodation Review, I feel it is my duty to inform taxpayers of the important decision that will be made in October 2014. Trustees make decisions on a daily basis that affect our children. It’s our responsibility to be sure they are acting responsibly.


As the ARC chair I invested 18 months of my personal and family time to educate myself on how the Board of Trustees operate and how public input is considered at the board level. Needless to say, I was deeply disturbed by the actions of some of the trustees - what I would consider bullying and intimidation.


Core services should be funded

Re: Letter published last week, written by Mike Smith, referring to “Broken Promises” made by council  


The letter refers to the decision to overturn the previous commitment made by council and to now charge homes $7,260 on the path of the waterline north of Kincardine for water they don’t need or want.


I would like to point out that the questionable integrity of the decision is compounded by the fact that council frequently conducts and makes decisions affecting seasonal residents in the fall and winter months when most of these taxpayers are not here. It seems that the lack of attempt to include the seasonal tax payers in Ward 2 and Ward 3 in decisions made that affect them is a pattern that takes place frequently


Pets are a big responsibility

I want to remind your readers that all owners of pets must be aware that whilst their particular pet(s) are well behaved in their presence, when off the family property they can pose a threat to safety of others.

As elderly persons often have difficulties such as hearing loss, mobility issues, eyesight impairment, etc., they can be traumatized if attacked by an animal running at large. Such trauma can be long lasting, making the person afraid to walk alone.

Large dogs, especially young ones, need lots of exercise and are a challenge to their owners living in urban/rural settings. Even with fencing, they can dig under the fence to escape. Our cat taught our little poodle how to get under our fence!