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Time to follow up on motion

Our council is taking care of business - Kincardine corporate business. They are checking the condition of the assets, watching the public purse and planning for the future. All are excellent business practices.


They have thoughtfully given taxpayers notice on expected large expenditures which will occur in the near future and how these expenditures will be funded. Specifically, council has given all taxpayers the first notice that next year’s taxes will be going up at least three per cent to cover the cost of maintaining roads and bridges.


Response to Thompson’s letter

Science does support controls on use of neonicotinoid pesticides.


I am pleased that MPP Thompson has finally taken enough interest in the neonicotinoid issue to write a letter to the Independent. Unfortunately, there are several misstatements and inaccuracies that should be corrected.


First, neonicotinoid-treated seed for corn is a relatively recent phenomenon. Clothianidin, the pesticide most used on corn, was given a conditional approval in 2004 (not the 1980s as she claims). But more relevantly, the use of these pesticides has increased exponentially to the point that last year almost 100 per cent of corn seed planted in Ontario was neonic-treated.


Parking nightmare

In Josh's From the News Desk column last week he says, "I didn't hear one complaint this weekend about lack of parking from any of the thousands of visitors."


Why would they complain? They parked in clearly marked no parking areas. They double parked. They blocked driveways. They blocked entrances and exits to downtown parking and they blocked other cars in. All this with no-one with any real authority asking them to move, ticketing them or towing them away. If emergency vehicles had to get to some houses, it would have been impossible. 


I enjoy the festival, but the parking and driving is a nightmare if you live anywhere near the downtown.


Ray Richards, Kincardine

Poor choice for location

I am following up on my presentation to municipal council on June 17 regarding the location of a proposed washroom.

The proposed location is the old fire hall beside the Kincardine Arts Centre. I am having great difficulty understanding the logic of placing a standalone washroom, which can be located elsewhere, being built on a million-dollar piece of property with a million-dollar view and capable of generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Another debacle

Thank you to David Dyer, Marsha Leggett, Josh Howald and all of those people who support Rolly Thorton. He does provide a valuable service. Having used it myself, it’s the neatest "scrap yard" this person has ever seen.


There are so many problems in this municipality that drastically need attention and here we are - another debacle. A waste of money (ours) and time (also ours).


A great analogy by Josh Howald regarding bylaws, i.e. the infraction that will be investigated on the report of some person who failed to "stoop and scoop". Thank you.


Floyd Steen

Thornton offers real service

I would like to support Rolly Thorton. He was able to come around and remove several hundred pounds of metal off my property for free. This saved me a real hassle getting it to the dump or a scrap yard. As well, Rolly was a very funny guy to talk with. I feel he has been a real service to many residents of Kincardine.


If this one person hadn't complained, would the town have ignored him violating the bylaw? What happened to grandfathering? Does this mean he was lied to by the town? Does this also mean that for anyone having a different zoning it can just be changed at the whim of the town? It seems to me the town is encouraging new businesses to come to town, but screwing the ones that are already here!


David Dyer

Are you a survivor?

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Kincardine & area Relay for Life.


To celebrate this special event, we are inviting as many survivors as possible to join us for the Survivors’ Victory Lap. This lap lets us not only celebrate those who have overcome or are in the  process of overcoming cancer, but also reminds the rest of us why it is so important that we continue to relay - those who participate are evidence of the great strides that we are making in the fight against cancer.


Best all-around athlete

Dear Editor,

Ok, Kincardine sports fans - here is a trivia question for you.

Who in the last half-century was the best all-around athlete in Kincardine? I have you thinking, don't I?

I have to declare, right off the bat (pun intended) that my pick was my head rink rat when I ran the old Lambton Street arena in the 60's and 70's, and later on was also my line mate on the Bulldogs Intermediate Hockey Club. Old-timers will know I am talking about Jimmy Bell, who had phenomenal hand-eye co-ordination, just like Wayne Gretzky did. Jimmy was an exceptional athlete who excelled in hockey, baseball, golf, badminton and roller hockey. There were probably other sports he excelled at too, but my memory isn't as good as it used to be.

Violations need to be corrected

Our community is being deprived of our right to meaningful participation in community safety matters.


As a local resident in Bruce County and recent participant in the Bruce Power

relicensing hearings (with the focus on off-site nuclear emergency preparedness), I try to follow the business of our Emergency Management Co-ordinating Committee (EMCC) which is listed on the municipal website (www.kincardine.net) as a committee of council.


Unanticipated costs

Over the last few years, the Kincardine and District Lions Club has been working diligently to raise funds to install a Splash Pad in Lions Park at the Davidson Centre. The Club’s aim is to make the park a premier destination for families and attract people to our community.


Unfortunately overnight on Friday, May 15-16, some thoughtless, immature vandals decided to knock over and extensively damage the construction fence surrounding the work area. Those responsible broke, jumped on and bent several sections of fencing and left the site in a mess. Employees were called out on a holiday weekend to re-erect the fence and secure the site. This was a completely unnecessary act and has resulted in an unanticipated expense.