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Sold out

With regard to the telephone system, when the Bruce Municipal Telephone System (BMTS) was under the control of the Municipality of Kincardine, seven councillors, the mayor and deputy mayor (nine people) were paid $8,000 per year, some took a trip to Hawaii, and others had $8,000 in expenses on top of the salary. BMTS staff was asked to take a five to six per cent cut in pay while our municipal council members got a raise.


Then a board was put in place, but the council still had control. The phone company had all the debt paid off and did not owe Kincardine a nickel. Yet the municipality took millions of dollars and the phone company could not afford to complete the bundle support for Wards 2 and 3.


$1.3 million per year

Further to the March 19 council meeting, one of the questions asked of Mayor Kraemer by the Tiverton and District Ratepayer Association Inc. (TDRA) president Bob Wilson was “How much money has BMTS contributed to the municipal budget over the last 10 years?” It was not answered that night.


The amount is $13,081,839 or an average of $1.3 million per year.


How much will our taxes now go up to cover this shortfall?


Lesley Bridgeford,

Treasurer, TDRA

Snow banks

In the March 19 edition of The Independent, in The Editor’s Notebook, Eric Howald wrote about the snow banks on Highway 21 and lack of snow in the fields.


It’s because the Ontario Ministry of Transportation doesn’t cut the grass along the highways in the fall of the year like the townships and the counties do. When the first snow fall comes, it builds up and now we have snow banks.


I have phoned the MTO on this matter and have received no reply.


Roy Douglas

No one held accountable

“A clever theft was praiseworthy amongst the Spartans, provided it be on a sufficiently large scale.”

Every day on TV I see and hear what our leaders are doing to us, not just here but throughout the country. I challenge anyone to decipher whether politicians speak truth or fiction; does it even matter? When caught lying, no one is held accountable. Quite the contrary, as witnessed recently. One such self-confessed prevaricator was praised by our prime minister in the House of Commons.

"Truth will be a lie and the lie will become truth." That's probably not an accurate quote, but I believe I heard it Sunday School a long time ago. But I digress.

Oil users also suffering

I agree with the excellent letter written by Helga Szekely last week.


This week’s front page item was on the financial strain on propane and hydro heating users. What about those of us on oil? We too should be included in this group.


I live in a single dwelling house and my last three fill ups total $2,121.84 plus $275.84 of HST. This is a necessary item and HST should not be on it.


We are being taxed into the poor house and it’s getting worse. The garbage bag tags have taken a large percentage of increase. Now they want to push natural gas on the town, whether we want it or not.

In my opinion

I am listening to a lot of news around our area, and none of the communities come even close to a four to six per cent tax hike. This year the increase of the cost of bag tags is already quite a bit extra for some of us. Some communities even consider a 1.5 per cent increase too much because their citizens cannot afford it. We have a lot of people in this area who are on fixed incomes, and it is getting too much to keep our homes going with all the other necessities going up. But no one speaks up, so there is no opposition to the increase.

Concerns about Inverhuron project

Copy of an open letter sent to MP Ben Lobb and MPP Lisa Thompson.

At this time, the council of the Municipality of Kincardine and its engineers appear to try to steamroll ahead in their usual fashion with the Inverhuron water and sanitary sewer project. We wish to place for the record several issues and facts. The public, and public concerns are not being represented nor resolved in this project, while the proponents steamroll ahead as follows:

(1) Without resolving this community’s concerns outlined in our presentation of Aug. 9, 2013 with the proponents of the project as required by the Environmental Assessment (EA) process.

Reconsider committee system

For years governments in Canada, at all levels, have been shedding their traditional responsibilities. Some public services are being eliminated altogether; others downloaded to the private sector or, if that is not feasible, passed off to non-profit entities. Politicians tell us this is being done in the name of efficiency, but there seems to be a good measure of neo-conservative ideology mixed in.

Government was once viewed as representing the people, but we are now told that government is the enemy of the people.

Council needs courage

I read Laura’s letter last week with great interest. She is better informed than I and identified some issues that I was not aware of, but suspected.


My observations are much simpler than Laura’s, I simply noticed that Team Kincardine seem to be at council with their hand out far too often. They offer to take on projects, for a fee, that result in lengthy, repetitive reports that turn out to be well known or common sense. My personal opinion is that they are taking up valuable time from Council for their own self interest.


Triad misleading council and public

I read with interest the recent article in the Kincardine News regarding the proposal to “co-locate” the PREDC, BIA, Chamber of Commerce and tourism staff in the 1,900 square feet of space at the south end of the new Royal LePage office. Rationalization for this proposal, apparently, is to be found in the Tourism Strategic Plan - a document which, in my opinion is hardly strategic and barely a plan.