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Thank you hospital staff



I just wanted to thank the doctors and nurses who staff the ER at the Kincardine hospital. I was admitted one day with chest pains and by 2 p.m. the rooms and hallways were full. Nurses were sent in to relieve the ER nurses who had had no breaks whatsoever. They had to start to assess people as to who was admitted and who had gone home.


It made me understand why you could wait for hours in the waiting room. You cannot see what is taking place in the emergency rooms.


Another time a person was brought in high on drugs and we listened to the hollering and foul language for hours. I marveled at the patience shown by the doctors and nurses.


Unacceptable billing from Westario

 In 2012 we built onto the Inn at the Harbour and required a new electrical service.


Westario’s estimate to supply it was about $45,000. I questioned the cost. A Westario representative met with me to review the estimate and confirmed the amount. I called our town councillor on the Westario board who referred me to Lisa Milne, Westario’s CEO. Lisa was very accommodating and professional and sent a supervisor out for a second review.


Policy change

A copy of this letter was also sent to the Director of Patient Care, the board chair and the CEO of the SBGHC.

Several weeks ago my husband Norm, an insulin-dependent diabetic, developed nausea and chest pains just as he finished a small afternoon snack. A call to 911 resulted in a quick ambulance ride to the emergency unit of the South Bruce Grey Health Centre (SBGHC) in Kincardine.

I snatched up his insulin pens, meds dosette and wheelchair and hurried to meet him there. As we waited for results of lab tests, the supper hour came and went. A nurse managed to produce a crumpled package of soda crackers in the hopes of tiding Norm over until he could go home. However the decision was made to keep him in the ER overnight for observation and the search for a meal began. Finally the nurse brought a sandwich, which our family doctor later informed me she had purchased from the machine with her own money.

Bill C-51 is invasive

The Harper government's Bill C-51 is reckless, dangerous and invasive.

Bill C-51 is reckless because it turns CSIS into a secret police force with no meaningful oversight and no accountability.

It is dangerous because it seeks to establish a mechanism to override our Charter of Rights, thereby allowing government agents to "officially" break the law.

It is invasive because your sensitive private information would be shared between no fewer than 17 government agencies and could even be handed over to foreign governments. Sensitive information about your financial status, medical history, sexual orientation or religious and political beliefs could be shared without your knowledge or consent.

This reckless, dangerous and invasive bill needs to be withdrawn. Contact Huron- Bruce MP Ben Lobb and tell him Bill C-51 is not in the best interest of Canadians and should be withdrawn. Our freedom is at stake.

We know who you are

News flash: Dog poop does not disappear when the snow melts nor magically in the rain.

I, as a dog owner living in the village of Bervie, am getting totally disgusted with two particular dog owners.

One man (I can't call them gentlemen) walks his dog but allows him to poop wherever - at the end of my driveway or (his favourite spot) in front of the Hurontel building where employees of both Hurontel and Bell walk several times a week.

The other lets his dog roam free (usually at 5:30 p.m., 6 a.m. and occasionally at 10 p.m.) allowing him to do his business in other people’s yards and most often at the community mailbox where elderly people try to avoid placing their canes in it while retrieving their mail.

I realize it’s not nice to have a yard full, but I dress warmly and accompany my dog outside. I pick up her mess so I don’t have my grandkids running in it or have my dog running down the street. I purchase a box of 50 bags at the Dollar Store.

Living on a fixed income

With regards to Ms. Buffo’s letter to the editor in The Independent, March 25, we could not let such a letter go unanswered. Since her letter appeared the same day as our picture with Ben Lobb, we can only assume that some other party informed her of the presentation.


She was obviously totally misinformed. Speaking for ourselves, we were fortunate enough to have enough equity in our previous house to be able to buy a lot and build here. Contrary to her remarks, we are not rich people. We are living on a fixed income like so many others.


Good for them

Outraged. Annoyed citizen about how the government hands out some grants (our tax dollars), namely this New Horizons for Seniors grant to Inverlyn Lake Estates. Many of those living there could well afford to belong to a club if they chose to do so.


This grant given to Inverlyn Lake Estates is not for the majority of seniors, but only those who can afford to live there.


I feel if the government has this much surplus money, it could certainly be better spent.


Marilynn Buffo, Kincardine

Concerns with emerg access

I recently had the misfortune of having to go to the emergency department at the Kincardine Hospital. Having lived in this town for over 30 years, I can count on one hand the number of times my husband and I have required the services of the emergency department.


On this particular occasion, it was after 10 p.m., so I knew the entrance doors would be locked. (A fact I have since discovered that a lot of people in the town are not aware of. One is supposed to pick up the phone located near the inside entrance which rings to alert staff that someone is there.) After finding the phone in a dimly lit area, somewhat hidden behind tables and posters about travel warnings, how nice it was to discover that the phone didn't work!


Sorry for misunderstanding

The Penetangore Regional Economic Development Corporation (PREDC) recently issued a press release to clarify that we are continuing our economic development work for the Penetangore Region despite the decision by the Municipality of Kincardine to withdraw from the second year of a three-year contract as a cost saving measure.


PREDC was formed to bring a more robust approach to economic development and to act as an ally to municipal governments, so we can do more with what we have. Since its inception, PREDC has worked diligently to boost Kincardine and has not changed its direction.


Thanks to the water department

Many thanks to the staff and work crews for the municipal water department for their dedication to getting water restored to homes and businesses after the many cases of pipes freezing.


These crews work long hours outside in extreme cold and wind so that people can have their water running.


Thank you for your hard work! It is well appreciated.


Sandra and Rob Hiscox