Putting skills to the test

The Kinetic Knights Team 781 got some help from their mentors in repairing the team's robot Sunday. The Kinetic Knights held an open house at the Lake Huron Learning Centre, showing off thier accomplishment to the public Frrom left are Matt Strader, Lyle Semple and Bradley Reid. Pat O'Cain, not seen, between Semple and Reid, also assisted with some repairs. (Barb McKay photo)

Kincardine becoming Ontario’s premier surfing destination

By Barb McKay


Kincardine is on its way to becoming the top destination for surfing in the province.


The municipality’s tourism department is working with the Regional Tourism Organization (RTO7) to promote Kincardine and Inverhuron beaches as the places to go to ride waves.


Hockeyville bid takes shape

Can Kincardine become Kraft Hockeyville?

The Kincardine tykes rose to the Hockeyville occasion last week between practices at the Davidson Centre in Kincardine.  (Josh Howald photo)

Kraft Canada and the CBC will announce the 16 finalists for the 2014 Hockeyville competition on March 8 on a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. A spot in the top 16 would come with $25,000 to put towards the Davidson Centre.

While the Hockeyville bid is gaining momentum with various events and promotions in local schools and in the downtown core, as well as at the arena, the Hockeyville Committee was late getting to the party and it will be tough to crack the top 16. But that doesn't mean it can't happen.

Kincardine aims to tackle hydro disconnection issue

Freezing temperatures, soaring energy costs creating financial strain

By Barb McKay


Rising energy costs and long stretches of frigid temperatures this winter have been a recipe for disaster for many on fixed incomes in Bruce County.


For hydro and propane use in particular, the situation has put extreme stress on those struggling to make ends meet. Westario Power customers who fall behind on their bills face disconnection, and with temperatures dipping below minus 20 degrees Celsius some nights, it is a frightening prospect.


Keep water running to prevent frozen lines

By Barb McKay


As temperatures dip below zero, the municipality is asking residents to continue to run water to prevent water lines from freezing.


Kincardine CAO Murray Clarke told The Independent Monday that residents are asked to run water from the faucet furthest from where the water line enters their home until further notice. He said within the past two weeks public works crews have been out to 30 properties to repair frozen water lines.



Who needs a toboggan when you have a snowsuit? Sibling, top to bottom, Grace (8), Joshua (6) and Hope (9) Adams race down a hill at the Harbour Community Church Saturday. A number of events were held at the church Saturday, including a skate-a-thon and chili cook-off to raise funds for a mission trip to El Salvador. (Barb McKay photo)

Tourism to share quarters with Team Kincardine

By Barb McKay


Kincardine’s visitor information services are moving downtown.


Council agreed during last Wednesday’s council meeting to move tourism staff into vacant office space at 777B Queen Street, which it will share with the Kincardine BIA and Chamber of Commerce.


“The tourist information centre belongs downtown and it would be a good start to get it down there this summer,” said councillor Jacqueline Faubert.


Growing competition in the market, falling revenues prompted Bruce Telecom sale

By Barb McKay


Decisions made by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to open the region up to competition ultimately led to the decision to sell Bruce Telecom to Eastlink, according to Kincardine’s mayor.


Larry Kraemer stated during last week’s council meeting that Bruce Telecom had been hit with significant challenges in the last couple of years that resulted in revenue losses.


KTG does Norm Foster’s Self-Help justice

By Barb McKay

If you are looking for a remedy to the winter blahs, the Kincardine Theatre Guild’s production of Self-Help is the medicine you need.

Detective Snow, played by Steve Small, interviews a flustered Cindy Savage (Linda Pagnotta) in a scene from Self-Help. (Josh Howald photo)


Once again, KTG has taken a brilliant Norm Foster farce and managed to deliver laughs from start to finish. Jaki Mayer-Duggan directs this version with a cast that combines seasoned veterans with promising newcomers.

Warm up!

Local chili lovers dig in at the Harbour Community Church's chili cook-off Saturday. The event was one of several activities held at the church to raise funds for a mission trip to El Salvador. A total of 14 people will mkae the trek this spring including, from left, Matthew Moore, Jeff Hegmans, John Joliffe, John Moes and Dean Lescheid. (Barb McKay photo)