Clean sweep

With spring in the air, many Kincardine residents were out around the municipality taking part in clean-up activities. At Elgin Market Public School, parents and staff, including Abby Shields, 3, left, and Justin Shields, 5, spent Saturday morning cleaning the school yard and preparing the property for the arrival of new playground equipment this week. (Kiel Edge photo)

Boat launch

It's that time of year again. Kincardine Yacht Club volunteers were busy last weekend as they began lifitng boats into the Kincardine harbour Saturday morning. (Kiel Edge photo)

the joys of travel

Easter in Regina.

What could be more fun?

Dana and I flew out early last week from Toronto to see our new granddaughter, who turned three weeks of age this past Saturday.

While waiting in the check-in line at the airport, the fellow behind us struck up a conversation.

He grew up in Halifax  but moved to Saskatoon two years ago to accept a job. He said Saskatchewan is booming with workers coming in from all parts of the world. He can't understand why the government doesn't buy a few plane tickets for unemployed workers in Ontario and down east to allow them to head west to find work.

Appeal halts construction

An appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board is holding up the hotel construction at the intersection of Highways 9 and 21.

“We have stopped work on the site,” said Gord Harris of DHC Developing Ltd., which is in charge of the construction project.

“For now anyways,” he added Wednesday afternoon.

He said DHC is waiting on an OMB decision on an appeal launched by a neighbouring property.

The OMB’s Karen Kotzen confirmed that a hearing had been held Feb. 25, but couldn’t comment on the specifics of the case. The paperwork was apparently with the OMB judge who will rule on the case.

Harris declined to comment on the nature of the appeal.


Kincardine's Sasha Ross had no trouble finding plenty of eggs at Saturday's Rotary Easter Egg Hunt. Nice weather brought hundreds of youngsters out to join in the hunt. (Katrina Stewart photo)

Doctors confirm support for medical clinic

Dr. Lisa Roth re-affirmed the support of Kincardine’s physicians, on Apr. 8 for the proposed clinic addition, ending speculation that the medical staff was unhappy with portions of the design.

“We’re reconfirming our commitment to the current plans and are confident it will result in a clinic the whole community can take pride in,” Roth said, reading from a letter she submitted to the municipality from the physician’s group.

Roth, Dr. Gary Gurbin and clinic manager Gert Larson met with mayor Larry Kraemer and deputy mayor Laura Haight Apr. 6 to discuss the clinic’s future after comments were made Apr. 1 implying there were concerns over the existing clinic plans.

“(The doctors) reaffirmed their support,” said Kraemer. “They assessed where they were at. While (the design) isn’t 100 per cent perfect, they accept the compromise.”

Municipal taxes up 6.4 per cent

Kincardine taxpayers should be prepared for a 6.4 per cent increase in their municipal taxes this year.

Council voted Apr. 8 for a tax increase of 6.4 per cent in 2009. The increase works out to an additional $42.22 on the tax bills for homes assessed at the median assessment of $169,500.

Kincardine’s average home assessment has increase from 2008. The average property assessment has increased by approximately $13,000.

The municipal tax rate was finalized after council reviewed its wish-list of potential projects for 2009. Some projects were added to 2009’s total capital budget, increasing the overall tax rate, while others were held off until next year.

How many are there?

Ava Gratto eyes up a jar of jellybeans at Tiverton's Easter celebrations Saturday morning at the Whitney Crawford Community Centre. (Katrina Stewart photo)

Energy Minister officially opens Enbridge wind generation project

Protesters left out in the rain

With the push of a button, Ontario’s Deputy Premier officially ended three years of controversy as the 115-turbine Enbridge Wind Power project officially came to life.

Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman, Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell and officials from Enbridge and the Municipality of Kincardine celebrated the opening of the project in the pouring rain just outside of Underwood Friday afternoon.

“Today is a milestone for the people of Ontario,” said Enbridge’s Janet Holder. “We’re proud we’ve made progress towards sustainable energy. Kincardine has re-affirmed its reputation as the sustainable powerhouse of Ontario.”

Pesticide ban comes into effect April 22

If you have a rodent problem or want to green up your lawn, you had better do it in the next two weeks.

A provincial government ban on cosmetic pesticides takes effect April 22. More than 250 products and 80 ingredients have been banned from sale or use in Ontario.

“We got pages and pages of products that we’ll have to remove,” said Jim Hamilton, owner of Kincardine’s Country Depot Friday morning. “Just about every product of that nature will be off our shelves.”

The Ontario government says the ban protects families and children from unnecessary health risks. Golf courses and the forestry industry are exempt from the ban.