Editor's Notebook

The golden rule

It does the heart good to see the work that Kincardine District Secondary School students and volunteers put into their annual Christmas drive to make Christmas a little bit better for those less fortunate.


And the response of the public to the drive, held Saturday, shows that we live in a caring community.


But that response is not unusual in this area. A few weeks ago, the public raised a considerable sum of money in a fund raiser for Doug Kennedy. And service clubs, churches and other good people make a habit of giving back to the community.


Still, the world seems a troubled place as Christmas approaches. We live in a society where the majority of people have ample, yet there seems to be this need to acquire more and more.

Time for a break with tradition

From what I could see, the Santa Claus parade in Kincardine Saturday evening was a good one.


Trouble is I couldn’t see much.


Kincardine should show a little leadership amongst Western Ontario municipalities and start holding the parade on an afternoon instead of the evening. It’s time the evening parade fad came to an end.


Spectators should be able to see the floats that businesses, churches and other organizations enter in the parade. The entries take time and effort to put together.


Lost in Space

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is cutting back on small hospital funding, according the South Bruce Grey Health Centre CEO Paul Rosebush.


The SBGHC will not receive $300,000 in funding and we might have to wait longer for that long-talked about addition to the Kincardine hospital.


It’s a common complaint – publicly run institutions being short of cash.


It really isn’t surprising.


Everyone in government pays lip service to running efficient services. Government is anything but.


World class all the way

How ironic that Bon Jovi and his rich friends at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) announce on Grey Cup day that they want to bring a National Football League franchise to Toronto.


Bon Jovi is an American rock star and he happens to be friends of MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke. Bon Jovi is also a friend of MSLE chairman Larry Tanenbaum.


MLSE has gotten rich operating NHL, NBA and major league soccer teams in Toronto. However, the lure of money and “world class” status will always trump the good of the country which has made MSLE rich.


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Decision, decisions

Well, after 10 years, Kincardine council has finally made a decision on the lakeshore water pipeline.

Who knows how much interest the taxpayers of Kincardine have paid on the underfunded pipeline? The interest of $80,000 or so a year tends to add up.


Property owners serviced by the pipeline who have not hooked up to the system will now pay their share of the capital cost of the pipeline – unless council changes its mind again. A bylaw to cover the change in policy goes to council Nov. 20.


Looking back, it’s not hard to see why the province joined rural and urban centres when it went on an amalgamation kick 20 years ago.



How ironic that Remembrance Day occurs this year just as many of our national figures have been exposed as cheats and frauds, people without a moral compass.


When I was growing up, we were told at school on Remembrance Day that our troops died and fought during the Second World War to keep our land free.


Look at many of our public officials today, and you might wonder if that 20-year-old kid killed in the prime of life would have second thoughts about dying for his country.


What is going on in Canada today is disgusting.


A road well travelled

REGINA – This city seems to be coming our home away from home. We even know our way around the burg.

Dana also figures our granddaughter should grow up knowing us which means a couple trips to Regina each year.

At the moment, Annie, four, believes we are the sun, moon and stars.

As she ages, those perceptions of us will no doubt change. We’ll become falling stars, old, spent and boring, possibly nerds.

In the mean time we’ll enjoy her childhood and touring around Regina.


Nothing is free

Downtown and Station Beach may be getting free Wi-Fi service, mainly because of the generosity of Kincardine taxpayers.


Our generosity seems to know no bounds when it comes to “marketing” the community. And this is about marketing we are told – people will be able to tweet about where they are and what they are doing.

Tell me, please, how that benefits taxpayers and businesses.


Our generosity, on the other hand, is not so plentiful when it comes to the youth of Kincardine.



Whenever I see an ad for Hockey Night in Canada on the tube, I shudder.


With a lot of glitz and noise, we’re told hockey is Canada’s game.


Perhaps, but I find the professional game boring and don’t know when I’ve watched more than few minutes of any game.


The reality is much different and I wonder if that’s why so many youngsters are dropping out of hockey.

Equipment is expensive, the game has become dangerous (concussions) and the travel is onerous.