May 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


In the early hours of Thursday, May 11, 2017, we lost the most wonderful husband and father a family could ask for. Frank Caiger-Watson (1927-2017) had a goal to make it to 90 years of age and at least we can say he was in his 90th year.

He was the beloved husband of the late Marilyn Caiger-Watson (2014).

 Mental illness a complex issue

I read the articles that Bruce County and Bruce Power are addressing mental health in the workplace, and the latter is donating money to help with mental health in the community. I applaud these contributions and believe the whole “Let’s talk about it” campaign is suddenly making a positive change in the way society is beginning to look at mental health/illness.

But (isn’t there always a but) these recent articles simplify the difficult daily struggles people with mental issues face. Mental health help in the workplace is great, but there are many people whose mental illness is so severe that they cannot work. Mental illness can totally curb one’s ability to function in day-to-day life activities. So we all must be careful in our rush to “help” some with a mental illness, to not forget or deny the needs of others.

As stated in the article last week, physical exercise is important but to imply that a walk will solve the issue is to do a disservice to sufferers.

Do you gamble on a regular basis?

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Feeling flushed

Spring has been slow to arrive, but the water was quick to rush from a fire hydrant on Victoria Street Monday afternoon. Municipal employee Chris Husk was working on flushing the hydrants in Kincardine. (Josh Howald photo)

 Bruce County takes steps to address mental health in the workplace

By Barb McKay

Bruce County is taking a leadership role when it comes to addressing mental health in the workplace.

The county unveiled its new Workplace Mental Health Program during last Thursday’s council meeting. The program is designed to provide support to staff who are dealing with mental health issues, whether they are job related or not. The overall focus is on prevention, intervention, recovery and return to work.

The idea of initiating a mental health program for staff came from Bruce County CAO Kelley Coulter last year and wasput into action by county staff including Eleanor MacEwan, a communications specialist in the planning and development department, who introduced the program to county council.

 Women need to start supporting each other as leaders, says McCallion

By Barb McKay

When former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion was not successful in her first run at politics, she believes it is because women did not support her. The next year, when she was elected as mayor, it was because of women.

Hazel McCallion, right, greets Kincardine mayor Anne Eadie last week. (Barb McKay photo)


 MS Walkers meet challenge

By Josh Howald

More than 100 people turned out on a sunny, but cool, Sunday morning to take part in the annual Kincardine Mandarin MS Walk.

This year's MS Walk aimed to raise $15,000. There were still more donations to come in, but as of Monday morning a total of $19, 786 had been collected. On Monday afternoon, Julie Crijen of the MS Society of Canada updated that amount to $28,055.

There was a total of 106 walkers on 10 teams that participated. The Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band directed the walkers on the right path leaving the Davidson Centre. Some walked a 2-km path, while others walked a 5-km route.

McHappy Day

Dianna Williams, left, supports McHappy Day at McDonalds in Kincardine with employee Alex Falkingham, middle, and volunteer Randy Hughes. The Kincardine location raised more than $11,000 last Wednesday. (Barb McKay photo)

 Southsiders take Challenge Walk

By Barb McKay

With a battle cry of ‘Charge!’ Keith Davidson led a group of 100 Kincardine southsiders down Queen Street to Victoria Park.

For the first time since the North versus South Challenge Walk was resurrected three years ago, the south side claimed victory. In total, 327 south side residents took the walk from their homes to the park. One third of those walkers met Davidson at Hi-Way Variety to be led by pipers and drummers into Victoria Park.

“It was great fun bringing back the old trophy to the south side of town,” Davidson said. “I am as happy as a little pig in poo! Yes, we have bragging rights for the year. Eat your heart out Krista Bell! Well done south side – way to participate. You too,northsiders – you were just a shirt-tail short.”

Celebrate Kincardine’s multiculturalism on May 16

By Barb McKay

For a small community, Kincardine is remarkably diverse.

That diversity will be celebrated on May 16 when the 15th annual Multicultural Day is held. The event has gained popularity over the years for its successful efforts to showcase the many cultures that make up Kincardine, but also for the smorgasbord of global cuisine that is provided to those who attend.

That is a highlight that one of the event’s organizers, Chandra Tripathi, emphasized when he made a presentation during last Wednesday’s Municipality of Kincardine council meeting to promote Multicultural Day.

“Come for the free food,” he declared.