Addressing the haggis

Scott Duncan addresses the haggis during the Robbie Burns Day supper at the Kincardine Legion Saturday evening. The haggis was piped in by Joan MacIntosh of the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band and Lisa Moore served as haggis bearer. (Barb McKay photo)

SBGHC looks for community support for Kincardine hospital plan

Project expected to cost roughly $30 million, CT scan could be in future

By Barb McKay


The Kincardine hospital redevelopment project will need strong support from the community if it is ever to get off the ground.


Another medical marijuana manufacturer eyes Kincardine

By Barb McKay


The Municipality of Kincardine is becoming a desirable location for medical marijuana operations.


Behind the scenes

Maia Hinchberger, right, is a stage manager trainee on the Kincardine Theatre Guild production of Ten Times Two, helping stage manager Shari Storms. For the full details on the KTG's latest production, as well as a program that takes local youths behind the scenes, don't miss this week's print edition of The Kincardine Independent. (Barb McKay photo)

Municipality may pursue talks with Bragg Communication

 Kincardine council could decide this (Wednesday) evening if the municipality will attempt to come to some resolution with Bragg Communication over the sale of Bruce Telecom.

Council held a closed meeting Thursday with its lawyer to discuss Bruce Telecom, but no decision was made and no direction was given to municipal staff regarding the municipally-owned business. However, clerk Donna MacDougall informed The Independent Monday that councillor Laura Haight had submitted a motion to be included on tonight’s (Wednesday) council agenda for discussion.


Angus Norcliffe on his way to winning the youth race at Saturday afternoon's ski loppet at the Stoney Island Conservation Area north of Kincardine. More than two dozen skiiers enjoyed ideal race conditions on Saturday, and a new course record was set. FOr more on the loppet, hosted by the Kincardine Cross - country ski club, see this week's print edition of The Kincardine Independent. A snowshoe walk is being held at the Conservation Area this weekend. (Josh Howald photo)

No more “free” bag tags

By Barb McKay


The Municipality of Kincardine will no longer dole out bag tags to residents.


Council made the decision during its budget meeting last Monday to do away with the 26 free tags in favour of a user pay system. At Councillor Maureen Couture’s suggestion, however, council agreed to lower the price of bag tags from $2.50 to $2 each.


Up until 2009, Kincardine residents received 52 bag tags and waste collection was paid for through property taxes. That year, the distribution was cut in half and additional bag tags could be purchased for $2. In 2013, the price was increased to $2.50 per tag to help fund waste management.

County of Bruce turfs several staff

As many as eight people have lost their jobs with the County of Bruce as the result of an investigation into the inappropriate use of email.


County warden Mitch Twolan issued a statement on behalf of Bruce County on Thursday, indicating that an internal complaint had been received in November and the county launched an internal and independent review.


Eagle eye

Shauna Cowan of the Canadian Raptor Conservancy shows off a Bald Eagle named Sam to KTTPS students on Thursday morning. Cowan brought a variety of birds of prey for students to learn about, including a Great Horned Owl and a Red Tailed Hawk. (Barb McKay photo)